Growing Online Shopping: E-commerce Technology Essay


Discuss about the Growing Online Shopping for E-commerce Technology.



Online shopping is the process by which goods and services are valuable sold or bought by use of electronic e-commerce technology. This e-commerce electronic technic enables buyers or rather consumers to purchase goods and services from a distinct seller by use of a web browser over the internet. The process by which these goods and services are sold to the consumers is through a well-defined process following certain steps. These steps include, the seller establishing the online shopping platform and make it viable for consumers to access it, tag available goods to be sold and tag their prices for customers to see and evaluate them, tell about the services they give and tag the price to which they are rendered to a willing consumer, set a special platform where the consumer can be able to discuss or ask questions about a particular product and get valid response.

Growing online shopping refers to the increasing rate at which online shopping is developing at a very high speed as it involves more and more individuals making it their favorite means of shopping. Both for domestic and commercial use products, online shopping has been termed as the main favorable for of shopping (Koh, et al, 2016). Its time saving, affordable as one only orders what he or she can be able to pay for, less tiresome as one can easily acquire the product as it's delivered to consumers door step. Examples of online growing shopping stores based in Australia and are doing great include: ASOS which is a fashion line, Sephora which is a health and beauty line, Amazon that offers books and gift cards online, Woolworths that is a fast food line, Dick Smith that is an electronic line among many others both in Australia and in the whole world that are increasingly growing as well. There are various factors that have enhanced the increasing growth of online shopping including business theoretical concepts.

Factors enhancing growing online shopping

Social media platform techniques on positively increasing online brand loyalty. Various techniques by social media platform provide the basis on which the esteemed customers through the various services given to them are able to remain loyal to the online brand. Availability of online survey platform where both the seller and the buyer can be able to interact through questions relating to the brand or inquiries relating to other areas they might as well understand. unlike in the other forms of shopping where advertising process is done ones in a while in presence of the consumer to ask questions about the product, online shopping gives all time query platform. Through this platform, the five Ps of business management has been observed (PILIK, KLIMEK, JURICKOVA & PALKA, 2016). Both the buyer and the seller are able to plan ahead, process their wishes relating to the product, both people the seller and the buyer is able to point out what they really wish to have, possess their products as they wish and make benefits which are as well profits. This five Ps of management is very important for online shopping to help ensure that all that is required by both parties are given as required. The seller gets the intended profits as he or she serves the buyer well as the buyer possess his or her product in good shape as wished.

Perceived Usefulness. Consumers’ change of taste and preferences is as a result of understanding his or needs as per that time the need for that product arises. Efficiency and effectiveness of online shopping are perceived also to be one of the factors that influence the change of taste by the consumer. Time-saving, cost effectiveness and platform for queries about the product for the longest time as well. This has positively enhanced the perceived usefulness of the product to the consumer. Management theory of planned behavior is evidently employed here as most of the consumers of a certain product change the need of having it according to its availability. Example, if a person was to use a dressing code to a certain event for a long time and changes the code days before the event as a result of the availability of a different set code other than that planned initially, this is a theory of changing planned behavior. This code can be identified online through which one understands the use of online shopping through buying that intended outfit (RONGALI, 2017). This behavior is most common among people who are much occupied such that they cannot be able to easily move around making desired choices but use shortcuts.

Strategic management by owners of online shopping stores. Strategic management of online shopping activities involves placing the right goods on the platform at the right time as well as advertising online services at the right time. Example, according to celebratory or mourning seasons for the target consumers (Mallapragada, Chandukala & Qing, 2016). Theory of strategic management states that effectiveness and efficiency of any business activity influence positive business outcomes in most cases. That is, right business things should be done at the right time and targeting the right group of people in the market. Social media platforms influencing the growth of online shopping has settings that ensure all the desired information and that is set by the seller or rather the service renders reaching the buyers is the right one. Purchase intention or rather consumer behavior may at times depend on the level of management that the seller show cases on his or her platform. Proper business management results to a positive influence on buying and selling of the product positively. The consumer, in this case, is satisfied while by the services given to him or her by the seller and vice versa. As result, online shop stores owners should ensure they strategically plan and manage their businesses as required by business laws (Prashar, Sai Vijay & Parsad, 2017).

Technical advancement both at local and international marketing levels. Unlike in the past era where there was no technical advancement in the marketing system, in this present era, technology has brought about various positive changes in the marketing system. Introduction of computers where most of the online shopping activities are carried out has been the most important and impactful technological device used in establishing and growing online shopping. These computers make use of applications introduced and installed in that are activated to create the online platform. Introduction of internet network service which is majorly developed in the developed countries servers like the United State of America among others has also been impactful in allowing connection of this applications. Technology through these three main activities has enhanced introduction, establishment and massive development of online shopping platform (Huang, et al, 2017). To the buyers or rather the consumers of certain online products tend to learn about them through online applications installed in their phones to help them access the services. This has been cheap compared to other forms of shopping as even the value determined online can be of any form depending on the willingness of the buyer to buying the product. Online shopping is massively growing as technology continue to grow to better niches.

Online resource availability. As discussed by resource theory proponents of business theories, there is no business activity that can effectively take place without appropriate resources put in place. Online shopping involves providing appropriate resources to the target market that they need to purchase (HUYGHE, VERSTRAETEN, GEUENS & VAN KERCKHOVE, 2017). The larger or the more developed the platform is, the different it is from others that are not developed to that level. In such a case, the products sold at this platform should always fit the needs of the target market. Example, a fashion line targeting the celebrities in most cases cannot serve the same purposes as that of the hoteliers or even the pastors. This is because any set of goods or products at a specific shopping line is different from the other and in any case there are similarities they are very minimal (Yao, 2017). Resources is one of the main factors that influence business activities and if well enhanced they result to a successful business development as well as increased positive per capita income


Online shopping has been one of the key factors leading to the development of both local and international markets. The ability of different shopping stores to provide different services as well as products is an achievement that has enhanced the establishment of strong relationship ties between citizens of different countries. Most developed shopping lines are established in that they serve members from all corners of the world. Technical advancement has been one of the most relevant factors enhancing online shopping in both developed and developing countries, as the main factor it should be enhanced in various ways to ensure proper and continued online development. Hacking of the online activities is the main challenge faced by online buyers as well as sellers, this can be prevented through developing strong and well secure online connections. Online shopping education should be encouraged by both the online sellers as well as the technical department to ensure all people are aware of what it involves. Citizens of nations willing to buy online should ensure they maintain a positive relation to ensure its development to better niches.


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