Group And Innovators Organization Management Essay


Discuss about the Group and Innovators Organization Management.



Every organisation has its strategic objective goals, which it wants to achieve, the only way to do so is by aligning goals of individuals in accordance with the organization. Hence it becomes extremely important to evaluate what the team needs and wants to achieve. In absence of any achievement, the organization and the individual would be moving in different direction with no synergy what so ever between the team and the organization (Hu & Randel, 2014)
Checking information on a current team member or a potential member is important to analyse and understand his role, his interest in the job and his efforts in the path of innovation. If the member is not open to innovation, he can never work on implementing new things and will bring no newness on the table
Cross fertilizing ideas is as important as brainstorming, it brings more ideas in the company and at the same time develops an environment of constant innovation. One members idea can be a breeding ground for another idea from another team member and so on (Blum, 2016)
Differences are bound to be in the team, owing to culture, race, caste, social circle etc., but these differences should not come in the way of productivity of the team. Hence, respecting every individual’s views, suggestion would make them feel empowered and they would contribute more towards the success of the organization.
Relationship between the employee and the employer has to be cordial and based on the fruits of loyalty and trust. Thus it is important for the employer to involve the employee in setting of ground rules, because employees are the ones who will have to follow that conduct, and if they are involved in the process right from the start, they would adhere to them, as they literally signed for it.
Members follow their team leaders, hence the ways leaders adopt to communicate or do a task, and the same will be done by the team members. Hence, if the managers want the team to have deep roots of innovation, it should start right from them(Bain & Kleinknecht, 2016)
Share tasks and responsibility increases the accountability for the job and also helps in optimum utilization of the skill and resources, thus sharing and agreeing on tasks are really important to increase the productivity.
Thinking helps in bringing innovation and radical ideas on the table, Challenging activities makes the employee perform at his best levels and collaboration helps in team building and synergy in the team
Every individual works for him first, hence if we reward him on a personal basis and recognize him that motivation will stick with hi for longer duration.
One should model behaviour that supports innovation because it is the building stone for innovation in the company. A company focussing on strategically innovation needs the leader to lead from the front, hence very important. In order to support innovation , the top management should be radical with their thinking and must have a risk appetite to challenge the existing system
External ideas or stimuli gives motivation to the existing team, the work previous thought leaders have accomplished is something the employees look forward too, hence in motivational terms it is really important. Steve Jobs (Apple), have given inspiration to millions, the wave of innovation started after his breakthrough innovation in the field of technology. Hence, drawing inspiration from the thought leaders helps them to focus more strongly on their goals (Wellner, 2015)
Information sharing, knowledge and expertise with other team members will make them feel trustworthy, confident and at the same time able to learn. Learning is a continuous process; hence, this will help them in immense learning. Another useful aspect of learning is, it helps in identifying the skill set one requires to have for fulfilment of his individual goals, and also try and understand the viewpoint of the leaders or the managers in the company.
Testing and challenging idea is a part of B-testing, it helps to identify the gaps or lacunae in the ideas or the process, hence, extremely important to test and challenge the ideas. Another advantage is, it helps to improvise the idea.
Discussing ideas gives more clarity on a particular idea or a topic, and helps to brainstorm further. The first step to innovation is keeping your mind open and discuss endlessly, working in a coherent atmosphere provides breeding ground for more innovation and better learning (Li, 2013)
  • The team has really come together after implementing the new ideas and clear cut objectives laid down for them, debrief has helped them immensely in understanding the requirement of the organization and the managers. Reflection on activities helps to understand and measure the process.
  • It’s very important to look for inspiration from outside; it helps in learning about the fault and also provides a great insight on the quality of work or the idea. The opinion is non-biased and hence a better platform to learn.
  • The clear cut benefits of discussing the challenges of being innovative in a constructive manner is important, as it helps to ascertain the difficulty in the road ahead, it helps team to have a fair understanding of the challenges, and also gives them a sense of responsibility that they are working towards something radical and something which has not been there in the first place, it provides a sense of accomplishment (Yeh & Walter, 2017)
  • As answered in the earlier questions, taking ideas for improvement helps big time in identifying the future challenges, which can help in building long term or futuristic strategy and in turn helps the team to pick the lead and work. This helps in stopping the process of reinventing the wheel every time.
  • Innovation is a term which has hugely become popular in the last decade or so, hence celebrating it is important in order to create a community and also set examples for other. Successful innovation motivates other that nothing is impossible, with the team work, right direction and a determination to do something new, innovation can be achieved.


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