Green Buildings And Its Importance Essay


Write an essay on green buildings and its importance.


The aim of this thesis is to study about green buildings and its importance. It also includes the study of component materials by which the green buildings are made of. Each and every step that is related to the construction of a green building are studied and analysed in this thesis. The design of the green building or the eco – friendly buildings are also observed properly in order to find the difference between the green buildings and the traditional or conventional buildings. In order to execute this thesis work a lot of information related to the green buildings or the eco – friendly buildings are needed. But only knowledge cannot help to complete this thesis work. In order to complete this thesis work proper opportunities must be obtained and also utilized. Being a student of construction field, the knowledge that are obtained through the course must be properly utilized and in order to do so proper opportunities must also be obtained and utilized. Therefore, in order learn about the green buildings in more depth this thesis is executed. It is very important because it will help to understand the methods designs and materials that are used in order to construct a green building. It will also help to learn about the environmental impacts of the conventional or traditional buildings (Joyce, 2008). The difference between the component materials between the green building and traditional or conventional buildings are also to be known through this thesis work.

Methodology for one year of research:

Research methodology is known to be the tool that can be used in order to conduct any thesis work fruitfully and effectively. In this portion of the thesis, the researcher generally the most suitable research methodology that can be used to complete the research work or the thesis successfully. It includes the proper identification of the research design. There are generally three types of research that can be used in a thesis and these three types of research are known as exploratory research, descriptive research and causal research (Anita, Richard and Liu, 2015). The causal research can be divided into two parts and these two parts are known as explanatory research and predictive research. Each of this research types have distinct natures and these are chosen according to the nature or type of the thesis. Before choosing any of the research methodology components, the researcher must study several academic resources in order to have more knowledge and information regarding the green buildings. It will make the researcher to understand the topic of the thesis more easily. This thesis is to be performed in exploratory research method. The research design has also must be chosen properly. Here in this research empirical research design is to be chosen. The empirical design can also be performed in several ways. Here in this thesis the design must possess several case studies regarding the green buildings. It will provide flexibility in choosing the research approach. Positivism or interpretivism can be chosen in this research design. There are different types of research methodology such as inductive, deductive and abductive. Here in this thesis deductive research methodology is used. The entire research methodology contains several steps and they must be performed in proper sequence. The proper sequence must be followed in order to conduct the entire thesis is a systematic manner. First of all the purpose of the research must be clearly identified so that the research methodology can be kept in the proper path. Then proper design and approach of the research must be chosen. After that the research philosophy must be identified. Proper philosophy must be chosen in order to meet the objectives of the thesis properly. After that the research strategy must be identified. Here in this research several case studies on the green buildings are studied in order to analyse the results found in those case studies. After that all the data that are collected throughout the entire research are collected. There are two distinct methods by which the data can be collected and these two are known as primary data collection method and secondary data collection method. If any practical or experimental data are collected then the method is known as primary data collection method whereas those data are known as primary data. On the other hand, when no practical or experimental tasks are done and the data are collected through different case studies then that method of collecting data is known as secondary data collection method whereas those data are known as secondary data. Here in this thesis only secondary data collection method is performed. The next step is the analysis of the analysis of the collected data. In this process all the data that are obtained throughout the research work are analysed. It helps to give a quantitative result. This is mainly done in case of primary data. As in this thesis no primary data are used, therefore no calculation is needed in this thesis. The results that are to be found in this thesis will be qualitative results

Method for one 11 week thesis

In case of the 11 week thesis work, the deductive research methodology is selected. The research design will be empirical research design. In the first two weeks the topic of the thesis i.e. green buildings are studied properly. It is to be done by reading several academic resources like academic journals, blogs, articles, online library, e – books, authentic websites and other similar academic resources. After two weeks the researcher will definitely have a clear idea about the topic of the research. Then proper research methodology must be chosen and in order to do so the purpose of the research work must be identified. This can be developed while studying about the green buildings. There will be a lot of questions that will definitely come to the researcher’s mind while studying the topic of the research. The answers of those questions will be set as the aim and objective of the thesis. Now in order to meet those objectives the researcher has to choose proper research approach, design and philosophy. Here in this research is to be done in exploratory method. Then proper strategy is to be identified. Here secondary research method is going to be applied. Several case studies that are related to the green buildings are going to be studied. Then those case studies are going to be analysed and secondary data are collected. The entire research results will be qualitative results. Then it is to be seen that if the results are meeting the objectives of the thesis or not. One week will be given for identifying the proper research methodology and its components. Then five weeks will be given for studying five case studies. Each case study will be given one week. Then one week will be given for analyzing the results of the case studies. Then one week will be provided for linking the results with the objectives of the thesis in order to see if the work is effective or not.

Time / Plan of work for 11 week thesis


week 1

week 2

week 3

week 4

week 5

week 6

week 7

week 8

week 9

week 10

week 11

Understand the topic

Identifying suitable research methodology

Case study 1

Case study 2

Case study 3

Case study 4

Case study 5

Analysis of results

Linking with objectives

Fresh writings and finishing


Anita, Richard, and Liu, (2015). Research Methods for Construction. Oxford: John Wiley and Sons,.

Joyce, W. (2008). Green” vs. Conventionally.

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