Graduate Letter On MA In Business Communications Essay


Write a graduate letter on MA in business communications.


Sir/ madam,

My name is Sara Al Jalebi and I am a recent graduate of Rider University. I am from Kuwait but I have obtained a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and International Business in America and my performance there was satisfactory with a GPA of 3.2. I am grateful for this opportunity as it allowed me to not only gain knowledge from the faculty and classmates but also formed my perception through various experiences that are only experienced by foreign students. Rider University has an important role in my life as it allowed me to participate in various academic clubs, get advice from my professors and friends in the academic life, in my personal life, which helped me to adjust to a new environment, and become a well-rounded person. The role of Professor Dr. Darrel Bartholomew in my academic development is indisputable as he not only encouraged me but also served as an astounding role model to follow. My dedication to my academic life is absolute, as I want to bring my home country Kuwait more pride and recognition through my achievements. As this is my goal, the next logical step for me to achieve a master’s degree so I can progress further in my goal of bringing pride to my country as well as my personal development. I believe this should be the goal of every student to ensure that their personal success plays a role in the development of the entire population and the native country progresses further with the help of the individual achievements of few.

My parents inspired me since I was a little girl and my childhood and schooling in Kuwait helped me understand the importance of education in overcoming struggles. My ambition is to complete my PhD and return to Kuwait to gain a teaching position in Kuwait University so I have already completed my first step in that regard by obtaining the bachelor’s degree. This has made me even more determined to commence on the next part of my journey, which entails the MA for Business Communications program at Rider University. This particular subject is my target because communication is the base of every successful business and being good at it will help me convey my thoughts to the customers better. When using appropriate words, images, and messages organizations will construct a strong internal partnership while developing a solid base for their clients. The choice for Rider University is because the bachelor’s degree has made me understand that I am suited to the academic and social environment there and because of the opportunities of learning and self-development.

I am interested in entering the Rider MA program because, after looking through the program’s curriculum, what initially caught my eye were the diverse courses. Not only will it help me gain knowledge and skills, but also; “It focuses on the application of communication skills within a business context. They will learn to better understand and leverage communication strategies to achieve organizational goals. The program will introduce students to best practices in business communication, and engage them in “real life” current issues and scenarios faced by professionals on the job.” the classes that I thought was helpful and addressed my cause was Communicating in Multicultural Workplaces and Communication in a Global Market. It is my clear belief that the courses will help me gain more communication skills in the business sector and enable me to perform my duty regardless of culture and social background. This program also has the possibility of the development of decision-making skill by communication based research and analysis.

Intellectual Communication course was one of the classes I learned a lot from. It made me build my perspectives towards Business Communications, because Professor Susan McManimon gave us interesting topics to talk about in class and some helpful game to understand different cultures communication norms and tactics to use. Not to mention, the Cultural Iceberg was a good communicating example because it demonstrates three parts to understand how to communicate with individuals with different backgrounds. That course really cleared my idea about communication. I have recently taken the strategic management course as an undergraduate student. It helped me widen my understanding of strategic management concepts, research, concepts, tools, and models. Our Professor, Dr. Jeffry Gossner did a good job preparing us with examples to work on enhancing our skills and knowledge.

Rider University has professors who are dedicated to their jobs in helping their students to be motivated and ambitious towards their goals; I was fortunate to meet a professor that kept me directed in the right direction during my academic career. Moreover, joining various academic groups brought more expansion to my knowledge and skills. Joining these academic groups such as Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE), and International Business Club (IBC) cultivated confidence and competitiveness necessary for succeeding in business communications. PSE is a Sale and Marketing business fraternity that attracts students who are specifically interested in that field; joining that group helped me gain communication skills that benefited me to improve my public speaking skill and going to workshops helped me shape my personality. In addition, participating in a national convention where I competed with other schools was an absolute honor and a great learning experience as I learned how to organize my thoughts and convey them in a rather high-volume atmosphere. As for IBC, I was positioned as Public relations officer. My role was to develop flyers advertising our upcoming events, publishing our accomplishment via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and joining Business Leaders of America. This helped me improve my leadership skills and attending board meetings made me realize what true employee meetings will look like. PBL had an organized meeting that impressed me and gave me the opportunity to observe their co-operation with each other.

Achieving the MA in business communications will help me gain further my understanding of the business and will definitely help me gain a perspective on the international business which will be applicable in both America and Kuwait. The program includes graduate-level courses from Rider’s College of Business, which holds prestigious accreditation by AACSB International: The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business ("M.A. in Business Communication", 2012). Therefore, the legitimacy and the quality of the 33-credit program are well founded and my experience in the university has proven that the learning environment of the university and the attitude of the professors and students are suitable for me. Thus, it gave confidence to my notion that I will be successful in the program because of my previous achievements depended on the same factors and the collage provided them in spades. Therefore, the course and the university choice are perfect for me.

The course description that states, “Students will learn to better understand and leverage communication strategies to achieve organizational goals. The program will introduce students to best practices in business communication, and engage them in “real life” current issues and scenarios faced by professionals on the job ("M.A. in Business Communication", 2012)” gives assurance that the course will prepare me for my professional life that is sure to come after my academic one. Therefore, in my opinion I have made the best possible choice and will be rewarded by the knowledge that awaits me.

Yours faithfully,


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