Government Essay

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (1952) - born in Leningrad during the Soviet Union. He studied law at Leningrad State University. In 1975 Putin began his career in the KGB as an intelligence officer. After 16 years he decided to enter politics. Then he became Russian President from 2000 until 2008 and from 2012 until now. The constitutional term limits kept him from having a consecutive third term but he served as prime minister to Dmitry Medvedev starting in 2008. Even though he enjoys high domestic approval ratings and is widely recognized as one of the world’s most powerful leaders, he is a controversial figure, who has made unpopular political decisions and has been accused of corruption. He is one of the powerful and influential people in the world.

As all can see, Putin always tries to be in power of Russia. He could not have been at least 4 years without the most important person in a government post. We can assume that Russians feel a threat and fear to disagree with one or another Putin’s condition. And that means that he leads by force. But how exactly he uses his power against or for his country?

Firstly, he did not come to lead by threat right away. In 2000 his leading coincided with a significant economic boom. In his first years as President, Russia economy started to grow 7% annual. Putin had provided the law and order that the country wanted so much. So, he became a good leader by benefits for the country and wealth of the population. It happens everywhere, if the leader does well with the economy, people will accept him.

After Putin and his supporters reached the power, they succeed in getting more and more power. He even suspended the gubernatorial and mayoral elections, and it means that he doesn’t want to let lead Russia cities without his strategies. He does not want to let people have fair elections, he wants that only people, under his control, could lead one or another city.

However, there were a lot of people, who did not agree with his leading style, who wanted to have fair elections, fair media and leader who works for the country’s benefits. And these people are called opposition. And here comes question - how toxic leader can settle with the opposition? Some of the opposition members have been imprisoned, poisoned, some of them murdered. An example of this action we can take one of the biggest Putin’s opponents Boris Nemtsov death. Nemtsov was shot near the Kremlin in 2015. Gel’man says “It is no wonder Putin’s in power - there is no one able to compete with him”.

Putin main leading strategy was to get Russia’s mainstream media. And here comes propaganda. Russians see what government want them to see. Government impact people to believe in the propaganda and most of them choose to believe in it or some of them do not have any other choice. By the way, government impact not only Russians people but other countries too. For example. Lithuania broadcasts television channels, which are bought by the Russia government. It is the easiest way to spread propaganda to other countries. And I have to say, that some people believe in these lies. Last year Lithuania banned one channel on television because of spreading propaganda to the country. Russia spread the propaganda all over the world so scientific and journalistic articles are written about Russia’s propaganda; political and military leaders mention it in their speeches; international and national centres and institutes are being set up to counteract it. Also, propaganda comes not only from the TV channels but from articles on the internet too. Before 2 years Russia government created a lot of new websites with propaganda to impact others countries and influence their referendum choice for Brexit or government elections on the U.S. It was called “fake news” websites, created by Russia government.

Another politic in Russia government is spying. They try to know secret information as much as they can. And they do it on illegal ways. In 2001 the Russian spy has been caught in the U.S and then started a big scandal. In this case, Putin said that he did not think that it is serious. In this year Russian spy was caught in Lithuania too and was deported back to Russia.

Also, Putin does a lot of illegal things. A lot of people do not know it or they do not care but this is Putin’s purpose - to make his people powerless. He hides his assets, luxuries, real estates. But when it rises to the light, he makes everything legal. No one in Russia can argue about his bad or unfair choices because it will take like opposition. A lot of signs was noticed that he gains much more money than it is declared and it shows government corruption.

The last thing I want to say, that he is always late to important meetings, even with U.K. queen! But it is not about a poor habit, it is a form of psychological manipulation that Putin uses to show that he is the one of control.

To conclude Putin’s power politics we can say that he leads by force. His followers are not allowed to have an opinion, which is different from his wants. He does not want to let interrupt his politics and to help Russians reach their needs. Putin tries to spread as much propaganda as possible and make people blind, make to believe in his wanted true. Also, he likes to manipulate and play illegal games, but no one can beat him because he created his own laws.

In my opinion this way of power, or lead the country is unacceptable. The leader has to lead by example, not by lies and fear. This politic impacts a lot of world’s people in a negative way. I feel sorry for Russians because their leader does not let them to see the truth and they live in a different world than it is.


The Social Democrats

Sweden is a parliamentary democracy, which means that the people in the country have the opportunity to participate in any decision, the people have a standing influence when it comes to politics and elections. People are represented by the Swedish parliament named Riksdag, Riksdag has legislative power. Since Sweden is a democratic country, every four years there is a general electronics where everyone in the country that is over 18 has the right to vote for any of the eight parties. If you don’t know which party you want to vote for you can also choose to vote blank.

In Sweden, the country is governed by eight different parties. These eight are; Centerpartiet, Kristdemokraterna Liberalerna, Miljöpartiet, Sverigedemokraterna, Vänsterpartiet, Socialdemokraterna, and Moderaterna. Each parties name say a lot about what they stand for.

Miljöparitet/The green party- Is a party that wants a sustainable world, where everyone can live a good life. They try to work for better ecological food, renewable energy and also protect the sea, forest.

Centerpartiet/The centre party- Is a party that works for a better and greener world. They fight so everyone in Sweden has a job to go to. Their biggest challenge at the moment is to stop climate change and to get a sustainable society they believe that everyone should take responsibility.

Kristdemokraterna/The Christian Democrats - They want to give the opportunity for those people that escape from their country for example because of war, the Christian Democrats want to give those people help to integrate in Sweden as long as the asylum test have to be legally secure. The party wants to help anyone that has been subjected to a crime will have the opportunity to get help and support.

This January 2019 the party that won was the social democrats. The social democrat is a party that is led by Stefan Löfven. The social democrats are the oldest party of all the eight and were made during 1889, by that time the politics and society were very different from how it is today 2019.

Everyone in Sweden that has a Swedish citizen and is the age of 18 has the opportunity to vote for the one party they want. Citizen of EU members who are registered in Sweden have the same opportunity to vote, as long they have reached the age of 18.

What made the social democrats act by 1889 was that they wanted to make difference between those who were very rich and had the opportunity to send their kids to school, and those who were poor and did not have the same opportunity. The goal was to change the society in Sweden by making it equal, they wanted to change the class-distinctions. They fought to give the right for everyone in the country to go to the doctor and dentist no matter your background, that’s why everyone in Sweden paying taxes together.

The main policies of the Social Democrats today are based on, freedom, solidarity, and equality. The social democrats have a focus on creating more jobs and better education for everyone.

Here are some of Social democrats values:

Work harder to stop the violence for women, they want to reduce the number of attacks that attacks women by violence

Get a better education at school to be able to stop en crimes in the future and have the opportunity to offer more jobs for all.

They want to hire more people in healthcare, they are working on hire 140.00 more educated people for healthcare, in that way people will feel better and be able to decrease the number of sicknesses.

Try to hire 10000 more policies by 2024.

Social democrats believe in the equal right and values of all people. SD wants to make a difference in the world, they fight to eradicate poverty, create a safer country and world, strengthen democracy and uphold respect for human rights

Even tho, those eight parties have different values in different areas, they have still a lot in common. For example, all parties except The Swedish parties want to lower the weeks to do abortion, The Swedish party wants to lower it from week 18 to 12. Which no one in the other parties agrees on. The social democrats are also the only party that wants to stop the immigrants completely.

However, there, of course, other differences from each party, but more or less everyone is working for a better and greener planet, they want to improve the education in Sweden, and they want to help those that don’t have a job to go to. They fight for human rights and want to lower the number of crimes. They want everyone in the country to feel free and safe in society. They agree to lower taxes in the country and invest more on retired people. Today, most pensioners receive a small amount of pension, and this is something that the Social democrats specifically want to change for a better.

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