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Describe about the Google Recruitment for Across the Globe.


Recruitment at Google

It would be correct to say that Google Inc. is one of the best places to work. The company has close to 50,000 employees across the globe. The competition is very high among the fresh graduates and experienced candidates that wish to join Google. It is not easy to crack the interview of Google. The video about the recruitment at Google suggests that the company evaluate the candidates not only on the technical skills but also on various other parameters like social skills, soft skills and the ability to work in team (Lopes, 2016). It is important that the candidates or the job seekers should have a complete understanding of internal and external environment of Google before they appears in the interview. They should then take care to demonstrate them during interview. Internet research looking at the companies’ values is a good place to start or some questions to the recruiter prior to or during an interview. The management of Google believes that recruiting for attitude is considered superior, as it is much easier to train a skill than it is to change an attitude (Chapman & Mayers, 2015). The video suggest that Google Inc. looks for candidate that are smart and the people that can manage and balance their personal life and professional life. The management of Google Inc. believes that the recruited employees should be able to deliver and maintain the consistency of Google’s service and product quality. It is believed that maintaining the service and product quality for business owners is a huge issue that is controlled by factors such as the motivation and commitment level of the employees. The owner cannot perform all tasks when the business grows, and should plan the best ways to expand slowly and steadily to stay in control.

The key message from the video is the Google is a flexible company where employees are expected to work on their own. The company does not have a culture of micro management. It is expected that the employees should be able to take initiative and focus on innovation. For Google Inc. its culture is one of the most important things (Newitz, 2015). The employees are encouraged to think out of the box and come up with new ideas and solutions for the existing problems.

It is also correct that there are certain barriers of recruitment at Google Inc. When looking at barriers, Ariss & Cascio (2014) identified a number of potential barriers. The first important barrier is experience. It is very important to ensure that as a graduate you get some real hands on experience of work life whether it be through paid employment or volunteering. It is also imperative to keep this experience relative to the role in which you want to take. The second barrier is employability skills. These are the general skills such as commercial awareness, time management and a generally good attitude are so important in a working environment. The managers that people spoke to in the place of work are typically adamant that a candidate could be academically very clever but if they lacked basic skills they would not be successful (Rabbitt, 2014).

The global labor market is influenced to a far extent by the cultural norms, which dictate that a candidate might be attractive, or not in the eyes of employers depending on the social class and the university attended. For example, many employers would prefer to employ graduates from foreign universities such as Canadian, American, and British etc. and unfortunately only few are fortunate enough to study abroad. The theories of recruitment in the area of human resource management suggests that if top leadership is perceived as unethical, there is a very real possibility that such behavior will filter down to middle management and to rank-and-file employees (Hegghammer, 2013). In short, if leadership fails to “walk their talk” the company could be in great danger. The video suggests that management of Google realizes this and this is the reason that ethics are given utmost importance within the organization.

The management of Google Inc. also believes that the board of directors also has the responsibility to uphold the recruitment policies at workplace. In most companies or organizations, the board most of the time is the governing body who has the actual power to fire its leader. However, the management of Google Inc. thinks the board responsibility is to examine all issues and have the actual facts before making a firm or final decision to dismiss a leader because of unethical behaviors. There is a very thin line between the board and the policies, which they formulate. Top leaders and the board of directors are responsible for asking the tough questions and getting answers about questionable behavior (Krause & Balkcolm, 2010). Additionally, boards are responsible for recognizing risks in the organization and properly inquiring about mitigation methods. It is beginning to feel like my organization is assuming the attitude of “get it done, by any means necessary.”

The management of Google believes that communication is also the key for effective recruitment strategies at workplace. It is important that stakeholders should communicate freely and effectively with different employees in the organization. Stakeholders who have power, are influential, and have more resources to provide are the most beneficial. Also mentioned is the importance of communication. By communicating early and often one will know how people are feeling and what needs to be a focus (Cleveland & Maneotis, 2013). Even when it is a forced change, people still need to know the why. If this is left out, people will surely feel "managed" and not "lead". The majority verdict is that for persons to be recruited into the international employment market it is essential there is a basic graduate level of education that must be accompanied by experience and incorporated with associated skills required for the job being carried out.

The literature around recruitment and HRM suggests that effective employee recruitment is to be followed by effective employee engagement strategies. With the skills shortage looming over most industries, placing long-term permanent roles is becoming extremely difficult (Krause & Balkcom, 2010). It would be correct to say that the surge in options, which are open to candidates, will necessitate increased hiring speed and an overall improvement in the candidate experience. Employers and recruiters will need to accept the fact that if they fail to provide what their candidate is looking for, they risk losing them to someone else.

With the above discussion it can be said that Google Inc. has emerged as one of the best places to work only because the company has created a culture where employees can work with high level of productivity. It is expected that Google Inc. would continue to be one of the best places to work. The recruitment policies of Google Inc. are fun and interview experience is also very healthy. The video suggests that the candidates for interview should not feel any stress while appearing for the interview .


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