Google Operations And Business Essay


Strategic Human Resource Management of Google Company.



The report presents a brief overview of the Google Company. It explains that how Google is providing online products and services to its customers. Google is a well-known company which deals in online products and services. The report explains the strategy and performance level of Google. It also explains the key challenges which are faced by the company in practice of strategic human resource management.

Background and nature of the organization

Google has been selected for doing work in the future. It is an American technology corporation which deals in internet related products and services. It was founded in 1998 by Larry page and Sergey bin in California. The products and services include online advertising technologies; cloud computing, operating system development, search, web app, browser, hardware and software (Safko, 2010).

The external and internal factors affect the business of the Google so it should analyze the external and internal environment. There are some external factors which influence the Google operation are discussed as below.

Economic environment: Every business and company highly dependent on its economic environment. The economic factors which affect the Google business are such as:

  • The disposable and purchasing power of people and economic situation of different sector of the population affect the Google operations and business.
  • The Google operation is also influenced by the Income, savings, credit availability of customers and trends in income distributions of people. The interest rate, exchange rate, inflation rate and tax rates also affect its operation.
  • The behavior of capital market also plays a vital role in economic factors which affect the business of Google (Basu et al, 2008).

Political factors: The political factors such as political stability, tax laws, a form of government and laws related to promotion and hiring of employees also affect the business of the company.

Technological factors: While doing business in Google, technological factors should be kept in mind. The technological factors also affect the business and operation of Google.

Legal environment: The legal factors include patent protection; rules, policies, and regulation form by the government also affect the business of the company.

Google is trying to explore its business day by day so it is improving in online products and services. Now a day’s Google Company is using new technologies and techniques for the achievement of goals and objectives. It is developing new software for the mobile users thus China people use Google search services in cell phones. Therefore it is increasing market share in China.

Competitors of Google

The main competitors of Google are Yahoo, Bing, face book, Microsoft, and Amazon. Now a day’s Google is taking its competitive advantages and it is making good market position in the world. It is providing good infrastructure and innovative services to its customers. Google has developed fast and efficient search engine to take competitive advantages. Google search speed is much better than other companies. In this way, it is maintaining the good competitive level in the market (Shuen, 2008).

Key stakeholders

There are many stakeholders of Google and all stakeholders play a significant role in company success. The key stakeholders of Google are discussed as below.

Users: Users are individual persons who use products and services of the company. The users are important for the company because they explain the company reputation.

Employees: Employees play a crucial role in company success because they perform the companies’ capabilities and they do work for the growth of the company. Employees also want to do work in Google because it provides better opportunities for doing work and the company also provides excellent compensation and reward system.

Investors: Investors are the major key stakeholders of Google which influence the CSR activities. Investors measure and determine the capital of the company. They focus on the growth and revenue of the company.

Government: The government is a major stakeholder of the company because it makes rules and regulation of the company to drive the Google business successfully.

Communities: The communities get benefits from the company so they play a vital role in Google business. They also affect the customers’ response and perception for Google product and services (Wheeler, 2012).

Google trends

It is a public web facility of Google.Inc which is based on the Google search that represents how often a specific search period and term entered related to the total search volume among the different nations of the world and in different languages. Recently various trends are going on such as fashion trends, sports trends, and movies trends.

Google culture and nature of the work

The culture of Google is better and unique than other competitors and it provides an excellent working environment to employees. It provides flexibility in the work and provides financial support to employees if they are facing any problems. It held meetings on every Monday to motivate the employees for doing work. In Google, employees follow a code of conduct and ethics. They maintain coordination and cooperation among the department. Google provides flexible working hours to employees so they can improve in production efficiency (Berman et al, 2012).

Products and services of Google

Google provides various kinds of products and services such as Google search engine, Google app, Web email, cloud storage of consumers and businesses, calendar software, Google maps, Google analytics and Google merchant center.

Strategy of Google

Google strategy depends upon the advertisement because its revenue and profit based on the advertisement. So it needs more advertisement places to increase revenue and profit. Therefore Google has acquired Blogger and you tube which are serving venues for its ads. Now a day’s Google is using differentiation generic strategy like Porter model and intensive growth strategy for product development and market growth. It is making an excellent strategy to overcome the competitors such as Yahoo and (Stross, 2008).

Performance level of Google

Google is performing excellent work by providing numerous products and services to customers. Google culture and structure is the competitive strength of the company. Google evaluates and measures the performance of employees through soliciting peer feedback review and annual reviews. It provides the rewards and incentives to talented employees. Google appoints multi talented and potential leaders who inspire and motivate the subordinates. The Group of managers sits together for analyzing and evaluating the performance of employees. On the behalf of performance, managers give a rating to employees and decide their appraisal and incentive. Google provides a standard package with fringe benefits to its potential employees (Hitt et al, 2012).

Key problems facing in strategic human resource management

Strategic human resource management is the practice of developing, rewarding, attracting and retaining employees for providing benefits to employees as well as an organization (Bratton & Gold, 2012). The five key challenges which are facing in practice of human resource management in Google are discussed as below.

  • Workforce diversity is a big issue in practice of SHRM
  • Strategic human resource management faces Challenges in retention of talented employees.
  • They face the problem in recruitment of talented employees
  • Compensation, workforce training, and development challenges are faced by Google in practice of SHRM
  • Management changes and leadership development is also a big problem in practice of SHRM.


The report is based on Google Company which is providing various kinds of internet related products and services to consumers. Now a day Google is trying to provide best internet products and services to its customers. The report also explains the culture and strategy of Google. It explains the key challenges of strategic human resource management. Now it is concluded that Google should maintain a good identity in the world and it should more improve its online services.


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