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A helpdesk refers on an organization which provides for a ‘single point of contact” for all users who are need or who require technical support (Beisse, 2015). A help desk is aimed at enhancing client satisfaction through efficiently and effectively resolving any pertinent questions and problems. That apart, it is important to note that another one of the primary focus of a help desk is actually to serve its customers and also collect the contacts of their customers.

One of the significant features that are required in the effective or good management of a help desk is good information technology (IT) skills. This implies that help desk agents must therefore be well conversant with not only operating systems, hardware, and application software. That apart, in order to ensure the effective management of any helpdesk, then it is prudent to ensure that help desk agents not only have web and internet expertise but they also have the relevant network experience and skills that can enable them to effectively deal with customers in the organization (Williams et al, 2016). That apart, a comprehension of the information systems as well as the business perspectives will greatly enable people at the help desk to deliver efficient or good services to all the stakeholders in their respective organizations.

An Excellent Reporting System

This is also of the significant or key features in the efficient or good management of a help desk. This is quite true since the reporting system is actually one of the excellent features which are attributed to the help desk (Conger, 2015). This is quite true since it is tasked with the responsibility of reporting how much time was actually spend on customer inquiry as well as the specific people who were involved. Having an excellent reporting system is an important feature in the efficient or good management of a help desk because it permits for advanced and effective communication between employees and clients using proper channels such as emails, chats, and even automated phone follow ups (SB & Bala, 2014). Having an excellent reporting system will also ensure that spam blockers are put in place.

The issue of spam in the inbox is actually one of the significant problems which are faced by big organizations. Having much spam in the inbox makes it difficult for people in the help desk to go through the emails. This thus implies that the selection of an excellent reporting system means that the helpdesk will not only have the best customer support but it also implies that only genuine emails will be reflected in the inbox (Beisse, 2014). It can therefore be truly asserted that having excellent customer support and helpdesk support is quite essential for not only small and medium enterprises but also for large organizations because it will guarantee better and efficient help desk and business operations for an organization. It is important to note that having a good and effective management of a help desk truly offers both faster and unique solutions to customers and other organizational stakeholders thus earning their trusts highly.

Presentation to Senior Management and Help Desk Team Leaders at Wombatphone Mobile Phone Company

Owing to the fact that Wombatphone’s reputation has indeed gone from bad to worse, it is important that corrective action is taken in order to remedy the situation and restore its lost glory (Czegel, 2015). This implies that there should be a stop in the rude treatment of customers by the agents and ensures that such agents do not actually provide any misleading or wrong information to the company’s organization. The revamping of the help desk for Wombatphone will be quite critical for the organization because not only will lead to the retention of its customers but it will also help in attracting of new customers thus making the organization to attain high profitability.

Improving support services and maintaining standards at Wombatphone Company

In order to ensure that support services and standards are maintained at Wombatphone Company, it is important to ensure that all agents are retrained on how they can enhance their communication skills so that they can effectively handle the company’s customers in a courteous manner. That apart, it is prudent to ensure that the employees in the organization are made aware of the importance of not only improving themselves through having better or enhanced communication skills, but also inform them on how they will be trained and how the measurement of their achievements shall be done (De Voort et al, 2014). Communication is an important aspect in each and every organization and thus it is prudent to ensure all agents are well trained.

It is quite important for agents to become aware of the call wait times and problem resolution skills (Laudon & Laudon, 2016). The call wait times will make agents become aware of the maximum waiting period that customers will have to wait while knowing how best to resolve problems in the organization will help an organization to have lesser problems among all stakeholders.


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