Gold Mining: Ceramic And Glass Materials Essay


Discuss about the Gold Mining for Ceramic and Glass Materials.


From the research, I realised that Granites Gold Mine is Located Tanami desert which is 500km North West of Alice Springs. During the production season that was marked with heavy rains that went for about two months, the roads were inaccessible thereby the mine was not in a position to track sufficient amount of diesel and this probably led to lower productions. However, this problem can be overcome by the use of a gas pipeline overcome this problem since when the installation is successful, there will be an assurance of improved security of supply of electricity thereby eliminating the carbon impression quite meaningfully (Reinhardt, 2014).

In Newmont’s Tanami, there was a necessity of extracting an additional decline since with an underground system, there will be an increased amount of produce annually. This increase is approximated to shoot from 2.6 to 2.8 million tonnes per year. At the gold mine, the total cost of producing an ounce of gold is approximated to be $1,000. But with the expected revamp project, the cost of this project will be increased in terms of the product while the product cost per ounce will be slightly lower by $50, this means that the proposed system will be of much benefit economically. The mine is anticipating to complete an approximation of 3.3 kilometres of exploration drilling over the coming three years. This is quite commendable (Nanni, 2014).

Another scenario presented is on the Kalgoorlie super pit whose mine life is expected to be due by 2019. This is roughly two years from now whereas the combined operation that includes the Mount Charlotte underground mine its lifetime is expected to be due by 2029. This means that the company will be in search of other mining areas. From the research, I was able to find that the company will be undertaking further exploration drilling to find more gold. The area that this will take place is three drill rigs located adjacent to the Super Pit lookout (Berga, 2011).

However, this will be after a consideration of the possibilities of good fruits in future .else, it will be needless as the investments may go into waste (Han, 2017).

The world largest alluvial mine Hart's Range Garnet Mine is located in Australia, in the central desert region of the northern territory. It’s latitudinal and longitudinal geographical positions are WGS84, at 22° 58' 12'' South and 134° 26' 54'' East respectively. I learnt that garnet is a material which has the property of high abrasion and mostly it is used in industrial processes. Besides, this material has a high-pressure cleaning agent. Two of the major garnet mines are situated in Australia. The garnet mines are five in number while the other three garnet mines are located in India .this means that there is a fair distribution of the mineral worldwide. The Red Centre garnet mine located in around the future of the Harts Range garnet mine which is just some few kilometres on the northeastern part of Alice Springs. The mine has separation plant located on the outside of Alice Springs but they are connected and it is operational (Hensher, 2016).

Despite this fact, I realized that the red centre garnet was not in a position to attain the nameplate capacity thereby having a negative impact on the operation at the mine. For instance, many of the employees were rendered jobless at that time and various stakeholders fired. Probably they were the course for all these (Shackelford, 2007).

As I went further with my research work I realized that four underground coal mines in Queensland failed to meet their obligations to monitor coal dust thereby suffering the fate of being closed. This was due to the renaissance of the black lung disease. Most notably as I did my research were the comments made by Dr James Whelan who apparently was a researcher with Environmental Justice Australia. The doctor did comment on the laxity by the Queensland Government particularly on the issue of coal dust. Besides he went ahead to comment that despite the laxity, the number of particle pollution which results in more deaths even than the accidents from a motor vehicle is on the rise (Mertz, 2008).

Moreover, a recommendation was brought forth by Dr Whelan asking the Queensland government to consider the New South Wales Government Hunter Valley model since it could help alleviate the challenges of air pollution by monitoring and thus will be effective in identifying those who do not comply with the set rules on pollution (Mindess, 2014).

Besides, the doctor seems to be infuriated by the fact the government is reluctant and t is like the government is not ready to welcome the reforms on air pollution. The doctor seems passionate due to the side effects, perhaps and therefore is on the forefront of pushing for the reforms (Bundschuh, 2010).

The 3.75% royalty rate in Western Australia will have a greater impact on about 50 operating gold mines. Mr Peter Cook is the managing director of holdings in WA's Mid-West. From this article, I was able to know the current price of gold which stands at $A1200 per ounce. Dust monitoring obligations are significant for any nation. Some of the gold mines that may face closure due to their resilience on the meeting of the standards in Queensland includes Glencoe’s Oaky North, Oaky No.1 at Tieri, Anglo's Moranbah North and Grosvenor that is located in the north-west part of Rockhampton. This is because these mines did not oblige to the coal dust level monitoring during the second quarter of the year.

Besides, quite a large number of coal miners located in Queensland have been diagnosed with black lung disease. The number stands at 23 (Montesinos, 2012).


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