Global Health Governance Challenges Essay


Discuss about the Global Health Governance Challenges.



The essay mainly highlights the issue, arguments as well as counter arguments that are built around the Munk Debate in China. China is considered more a continent rather than a country. If China were prearranged like Europe, it would have to be alienated up into 90 nation states (Horesh).


It has been argued that what has been most impressive about China. The answer to this is that China is catching up in terms of innovation as well as in terms of education. As per the debate, it is about to surpass Germany in terms of new patents those are granted. It has been found that the mission of China for equivalent partnership with the United States is no longer the outsized assert of a defenseless country (Gertz).

The mesmerizing thing is that the two immense geopolitical philosophers have the same opinion that the Chinese financial challenge is also a challenge to the domination in the world of the United States. It has been quoted by Dr. Kissinger, the 56th Secretary of State of the United States that an unambiguous American project to systematize Asia on the base of containing China or generating block of self-governing states for an ideological campaign is improbable to succeed. It has been noted that the financial crisis was mainly due to extreme borrowing as well as subsidized staking (Lin).

Fareed Zakaria had performed a counter agreement that mainly focused on the facts about China. It was argued by him that China is no going to be the leading power of the 21st century and the century is not going to be in the right place for China. The main reason was the economic cause that indicates that nothing goes up in a direct line everlastingly. It was pointed out by him that there were enormous inefficiencies that were built into the Chinese system. China is known to have a enormous property bubble. The development of the country is highly incompetent (Kickbusch).


According to the opinion, China was considered as the largest economy in the world however; the numbers are based on purchasing power parity. According to this, the GDP of China gets inflated due to the fact that the cost of a haircut in Beijing is less as compared to the cost in Toronto. China has accomplished the largest as well as the fastest industrial revolution that helped to lift hundreds of poor people out of poverty.


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