Give Response To The Thinking And Feeling Essay


Give a brief discussion on give response to the thinking and feeling of my classmate’s post on leadership.


The purpose of this work is to give response to the thinking and feeling of my classmate’s post on leadership. My classmate has given reflection on his experience with different leaders during his time spent in the army. He has critically analyzed the strong and weak points of leaders. He has particularly specified the strength and weakness of each leader he has encountered in life. I also agree with his views on leadership. Even I have also come across this type of leaders in life. According to me, successful leader is one, who understands the power of the team as a whole. I have seen leaders who had a clear and effective communication with the team members and shared the vision of goals of the organization. In transactional leadership, which is mostly observed in the military structure, there is an existence of a figure of authority that can reward and penalize their subordinates. I think my classmate has rightly expressed that passive approach to work is not great sign of leadership. Such leaders cannot connect with their subordinate and they tend to be very harsh when they do mistakes. They hardly appreciate good effort of team members and create an atmosphere of demotivation. It negatively affects the performance of team members (Huijun & Jianjun, 2015). On the other hand, the leaders who have transformational leadership style are motivational as well as encouraging personality. My classmate has truly justified the qualities of a transactional leader. Such leaders had a passion for their job and they truly empowered their employees to perform. By this, the subordinates are given the opportunity to become independent and be admired for their good work (Braun et al., 2013).

According to the experiences that have been shared in this post, the person has noticed a number of similar characteristics among few good leaders who had several years of experience and loved their mission or job. Therefore, every leader should consider both the types of leadership according to the needs and changes that are necessary for a specific span of time because both the leadership styles have their own pros and cons. It can be concluded that leadership should adopt the above mentioned qualities in their work to efficiently lead a team.


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