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Help instead of epigraph : 'archetype in art - the primary image, the original, universal human character, which are based on myths, folklore and culture in general (eg, a wicked stepmother, the faithful servant, etc.)
brief : love, friendship, betrayal and justice in its purest form. Add or subtract
Detail :. Sometimes, when you have 30 and you watch this kind of film, it is difficult to take it with the same level of romance that would be in your 16. I several hours vinyl that somehow I have hardened, that is ... as long as snatched from the flow of an interesting idea. The idea that this film is not about particular characters and specific case, is not about heroes, in which you can find yourself, your friends or people on the street. No, the author received a movie that, in fact, is the archetype of walking, a set of symbolic images and symbolic same behavior.
There is nothing wrong with that, there is symbolism in any work of art, but devoid of personality archetypal, as for me, comes . Let us
much less detailed
Sam -. Knight archetype, a Statement Ivanhoe. Courageous, kind, honest, ready to do anything to protect, and this is its basic function. It is so important that it keeps him on the ground, even after death. At the same time, Sam - the archetype of Christ, an innocent man, who suffered for the sins of others and become a victim of other people's vices. He has no weaknesses. It is beautiful, sadness and suffering on his beautiful face and beautiful. Nothing, absolutely nothing of its authors is not tarnished. Even at the end, although could ...
Molly - Beautiful Lady, or Princess. Beautiful, delicate and defenseless. This Statement Lady Rowena from the same 'Ivanhoe'. In the story, and in fact is the subject (love, adoration, protection), it does not perform almost any action and does not make decisions (except perhaps the hike to the police). First, give yourself to cheat, then gives to save himself. Yes, it is easy to explain the passivity of the current situation in life, but the archetypal image that does not stop
Oda Mae -. It is the Trickster. Archetype that is neither pure good or pure evil, but differs with deceit and cunning, is guided solely by their own passions and desires, is an infringer of the generally accepted norms, in some cases, an analog of the comic protagonist or his comic assistant. In principle, the only character in the film, endowed with just a strong personality, which, however, emphasizes the 'trikternost' character
Also available in almost pure form. Archetype of Judas (traitor who betrays only), the archetype of the Rebel (the evil that no one obeys and has no principles), the archetype of light (in the face, in fact, light) and the archetype of darkness (represented, in fact, darkness). The last two show the polarity of the Christian world in which there is only good, which will go to heaven, and the evil that will go to hell. Good can not act unjustly, evil is not capable of good deeds. And together, these symbols are constructed story of the archetypal romantic cosmic love
One of the advantages of the film :. Symbolic and schematic manner does not distract from the main ideas. The fact that love - the greatest feeling, and his death is not a hindrance. That evil will always be punished. What you need to appreciate every moment with your loved one, and if you like, this can and should speak
It makes sense to also remember the good scenic intrigue (the bank scene - applause.) And excellent Whoopi (already wanted to review it even old movies .)
from minuses : the same schematic interfere, because it is difficult to identify with the characters, and therefore empathize with them. They are too perfect, like their love, which in its ideal and stuck. Creators can afford only one minor conflict over marriage in the classical manner (that woman wants to get married, even if you previously did not want to, and that the man doubted, even if he loved her with all my heart).
also a little hurt that as the film itself breaks their own laws. Ghost can not interact with the material things - a ghost can interact with material things. Ghost no one can hear, in addition to the medium - a ghost can be heard without a medium, and so on ... However,
phenomenal percentage of negative reviews seem to be indicative of the fact that all that is written above, for many people it is not a problem, and I have them on. -Good envy
So, aspiring against the prevailing romantic cynic ...
7 of 10
Interesting quotes:.
Sam: But you will go to heaven. Oda Mae: I do not want to go to heaven, I want to go to the bank and cash the check
Oda Mae:. He was up all night singing me a song about some of Henry the Eighth. Molly: In the same way he made me go to him on a first date
and my favorite:.
Oda Mae (bank employee): Oh, you know ... I need another form, but I do not by that name signed!

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