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In recent years, films that tell of a troubled spirit, living among the people, began to look more like a light drama, if not comedy. And yes, the movies on a similar subject, for the most part, are very personal, but that's just the genre pictures of me still introduced into a stupor. Still, death is not an occasion for jokes, unless of course we are not talking about death with Discworld, so expect to run into a film that will be serious about death and what happens after that, and lo! Such a film is and his name -. "Bringing»
The story of Sam and Molly Jensen Uite who lived in perfect harmony, and love one another, as soon as may love those whose hearts beat in unison. In this case, the young people worked on an interesting and well-paid jobs, they do not need the money, do not hang around close to evil and bad people that slept and saw how they could discredit the happiness of young people. In general, happy life of young people, give everyone a god. But unfortunately, like a streak of light it could not last long. Sam finds some discrepancies in the company's reports and as an honest man decides to spend his private investigation. Naturally, the fact that Sam begins to delve into the "dirty linen strange" does not go unnoticed, and late at night, when Sam was walking with Molly and was a step away from being able to make the girl to offer young people was quite an attack in which Sam was killed. And here, the hero Patrick Swayze standing near his lifeless body, looking at the weeping lover, doctors soon, which appeared when it was too late, and behind him stands a pillar of pure light, which will lead straight to Sam's paradise. But as has been said in one good movie - "there is nothing worse than unfinished business," but because the hero Patrick Swayze decides to stay on the ground, in order to look after his beloved, and at the same time to find out who was the man that killed him. Well, let's wish good luck to Sam, because God knows he needs it.
So, we have a film that is very hard to describe in two words, but should at least try. "Ghost" - a vintage movie, in which there was a place of drama, thriller, detective, and even a pinch of comedy is present, for the taste, but none of these genres are not trying to pull the blanket over himself, and they all exist in symbiosis. Thus the genre of the film can safely be called - life. After all, judge for yourself, every human life also does not adhere to any particular genre, and we are both its ups and its downs, laughter through tears and a deep spiritual struggle that takes place out of sight, and somewhere in the depths soul and because this film is already causing serious concern and is able to keep the screen on up to the final credits
also a contribution made by the heroes of history, and with them and the actors that played them ... although played still not quite the right word -. lived the role of his characters, it will be better. Let's take for example a fortune-teller in the third generation of Oda Mae Brown, in which the hero Patrick Swayze stumble by accident ... or was it a blind holding? It does not matter. So heroine Whoopi Goldbert presents itself in the usual way - she powders her brains around and pretends to be a man, that is able to communicate with the spirits, but in reality Oda Mae Brown is a good actress that plays on the feelings of ordinary people. But everything changes when Whoopi Goldbert heroine begins to hear the voice of Sam, who asks darky fortune teller to help him. Well, given the innate charisma Whoopi Goldbert something like that looks like a real comedy and it is very difficult at times to laugh, at the same time, Oda Mae Brown evokes sympathy, because she did not want such a life, did not believe in ghosts and become a fortune teller only because her ancestors We called spirits, and here at you - a voice wafting unclear where that retracts into a story that could have been fatal to the fortune-teller-charlatan. Or other obvious example - a poltergeist from the metro by Vincent Schiavelli, which is famous for the fact that there is a sudden and severe, and just as suddenly disappears, that brings us to the numerous stories dedicated to ghost appearances in photographs or in abandoned houses. At the same time we have really never know about the ghosts of the past, he seemed to be a breath of wind will sweep past Sam and disappears without leaving any traces. And ... hell, every one of the heroes of the story deserves a separate paragraph, including a policeman bored by Stephen Root, who appeared in the film just five minutes, but his character is called "etched in my memory».
result? Amazing film that was not in vain in the top-250. This is a film about love, pure, bright and true. Love, for which the barrier did not even death itself. This is a film about betrayal, a low, vile and leaves deep scars on the heart. This is a film that you can not give up no matter what. It is very beautiful, good, and at times grim film. The film is of categories and genres. And this is the film that I recommend to you, dear audience, believe it's really worth.
9 of 10
P.S. "Acting" a cat - is unmatched.

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