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Sam and Molly in love with each other. One day, returning home after the theater, they are attacked by a robber, and the protection of their love, Sam dies from wounds. But he has not gone from this world. Now he is - a ghost. He learns that his death was not accidental, and that the next could be his lover. He tries to warn her about it with the help of fraudsters, a medium that hears it. This love will make them believe and will be eternal ...
Love - for me, this feeling is quite the opposite, watching movies, I see that it has some kind of pink, soap, and is obliged to be nice. Few paintings that truly made me admire this human feeling. But the 'Ghost' otherwise provided the emotional connection people. Here, a classic of its reflection of human nature - it is strict, but easy-sensitive, pleasant and lively. Picturesque is virtually absent, no pomp and splendor, as if it were graceful and textured marble monument, once the former ordinary stone, but it was necessary to remove unnecessary and cumbersome instead of a beautiful cliff, there is a charming and sincere manner of creating drama. It is a kind of cinematic graphics - everything goes according to the canons, but which were laid just now, in other words, Jerry Zucker invests its presentation of these rules and issues happening on the screen that are truly proud of the drama. This amazing symphony pours a variety of notes of fantasy, detective, comedy and romanticism. Painting is global and comprehensive, but it does not cover a great variety of something, it takes under its dome something big - the deep nature of the person who is experiencing one of the most difficult and hot feelings here seem paradoxical way, love is the same hot, as that shadowy palms touching, veyuschee misty coolness - it is charming, forcing the dream and is immersed in an atmosphere of emotional experiences. History is not without its intrigue and mystery, going on one line, and it is really a great and heroic love, pure as pearl tears of farewell, attracts with its simple elegance and human penetration.
This creation is not so many roles as we would like . Acting avoid large crowds, the authors have made a good and a clear chain of logic, there is some clocked frills, everything is simple, but with his intrigue. Patrick Swayze's character is represented as a knight in armor, so it should be, his love for Molly heroic, but so are the knights fight for what they are more precious than life. But Patrick - a gorgeous actor, great cinematography loss, unfortunately more and underrated. He plays in a unique manner, he sculpts out of himself, like clay that person, which should translate to the screen, it is inimitable! Of course his blue eyes and net an integral part of his soul, rich and simple, not arrogant and without pathos. The performance of the role of the crazy live and real. Patrick Swayze - became a legend. But the role of the genre of drama, just for him, although he is a multi-faceted personality ... A pleasant and beautiful Demi Moore - its melodic character and light. She's like a red rose, suffering makes her blossom and makes more luxurious. Demetrius game is clear, not concealing anything in itself, it opens all the senses, it really reveals his talent as the petals. She knows how to apply these vulnerable graceful and classic characters like Molly. Naturally, a lot of sympathy causes appearance Demi Moore, her face is comparable to the angelic. Finally, this unreal and unique Whoopi Goldberg! Her involvement makes the picture even more worthwhile, her facial expressions, movements, speech - limitless talent, great charisma, she - ironic comic. What untold wonders it works on the screen, oh, it is impossible not to enjoy this rare and abnormal phenomenon in the movies. Tony Goldwyn and Rick Aviles - perfectly embodied, ghoulish, wild, hideous causing one hate (sorry for being rude) creatures. My reaction to these characters, my terrible antipathy - evidence that they are ideally played one time. This team of artists, realistically depicting personalities, reached a certain height, their game can be called a genius and considered one of the standards.
Maurice Jarre has created the best for this film composition. They're at the right moment the situation is heating up, give the drama unfold, like the water cycle, which pulls to the bottom and out of it is impossible to escape - that is our reality blurs 'Ghost'. At that time, the special effects in a film worthy; but noting special words we would like operator Adam Greenberg. The texture of the actor is happy individual, scenery and landscapes play a significant role - and he is still only covers a single lens, without knowing it, it shows the architecture of the face and from his perspective, opening new perspectives, expressions and perspectives. In artistic terms this film is quite qualitative
Ghost -. Is very strong and powerful film, telling the poignant love. It has become a classic of the genre, with unique and created this very classic, introduced new ideas and canons in drama and cinema. The film is a deep and philosophical, but not a novelty in his idea, something unusual hiding in the confluence of the plurality of sounds, music, colors and paints, it stands out for its prepodnosheniem audience, grabbing the quick, he does not pull the human chain, one that not seeing falls in fog free captivity so tragic, moving and still living history of love ... This legendary masterpiece will take up on a variety of feelings and emotions, he leaves his glare on human memory ...
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And it is unlikely someone so loved,
heart will die from the echnoy evil of separation,
' Mutually ... ' speaking again ...

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