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Write a review of the film 'Ghost' - anyway that retell the old, well-known and loved by many a book. Nemudrenyh story about posthumous tribulations successful, accidentally killed the banker, the tale of love, fight, retaliation and sad salvation of the soul touched the audience and has already become a classic. It is difficult to find a person older than twenty-five years, which would not have seen this tape, the benefit in the era of video overwritten rewritten a dozen times, a videotape with "Ghost" was part of the mandatory bits and pieces of every self-respecting video clubs. And now is not a problem to find this movie on the network, or in extreme cases, watch on TV - movie punctually glimpsed something on one, then another of the many canals. For twenty years, the film was sold to kinotsitaty was mercilessly is cut and pasted pieces in hundreds of documentaries narrating about the paranormal and became a curse for pottery circles, where now every second nerd tries to repeat the famous scene with the manufacture of clay phallus.
idea that soul in postmortem existence may remain on this sinful earth, to complete the remaining case, keep an eye on your loved one, is not new in Hollywood. We may recall the unforgettable Topper, where frachnyh Cary Grant crashed car, invisible spirit of the whole movie as settling the affairs of his cute, ridiculous accountant, fun, drinking champagne and having fun. Or piercingly sad "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" Mankiewicz, who says, albeit in a different tone on the same theme. And in the post-war years, a fruitful idea dispersed among dozens of filmmakers from Medak to Bergman, from the terrible and very thrillers to existential dramas and comedies moderately amusing.
plot of the film seems simple. Well, what do we have? Enough sluggish detective story, the girl is in danger, another slug-traitor. All this would be banal half a century ago, if not plot twist with the death of the protagonist, almost at once unexpected kultbitom breaking habitual, like, narrative. Almost did the same later Shyamalan, one move in withdrawing Kings fairly average "The Sixth Sense." If you look unclouded eyes, they become visible to all of the many shortcomings of the film - sometimes hammy Swayze, deliberately helpless as a newborn Bambi heroine Moore, whitish glavgad applying for a place in the prize ten operetta villains and scoundrels, sassy way trying to seduce a naked torso Woman dead friend on the second day after the funeral.
But the director makes a hand in the movie is unknown, it's probably called talent or happy occasion, all these shortcomings immediately go somewhere for edge and only the beautiful sad story. And the happy ending, albeit not in the classic sense, in the end comes. Evil punished and dragged into the dark distance, bony knobs some evil spirits, and the main character still got a chance to once again embrace his beloved, let him and went for it on serious feat - to dwell, albeit for a few minutes, the body Whoopi Goldberg - it is not every dare ...
Jeffrey Zucker, distracted for a moment from issuing on-mountain numerous comedies created, perhaps by chance, one of the eternal already, classic romantic movies where the main idea and its realization able to conquer the hearts of the audience, regardless from the era and culture.
«pref denie "- a little belated artifact of a kind of cinema world of the eighties. Funny costumes and there are still some places, flash ridiculous, obsolete vestige of his life, lush high-rise hair. Floating above the frame and excites the imagination magic electronic music, light mist veiled streets at night and a gate of New York, Demi Moore is still young and beautiful about it and do not sing obscene songs Russian pop group. Can not help feeling that the frame can flicker young, still promising, Tom Cruise, hurrying to lose innocence in the arms of a favorite prostitute from the city cafe windows look out curly muzzle Meg Ryan, and the dark streets somewhere close cut into circles limousine New King York ...
computer special effects, when it seemed cool and fascinating, look now with a little smile and black shadows, pulling snarling draw animator thin handles another poor fellow into the darkness rather touches . Generally, of course, the bench posthumous evil could have been more. Couple roaming the city ghosts, strange slew, that, in principle, and all. Nobody pulls long whitish tentacles of the coffins, vampire shadows howling in the night, and the demon Baphomet kozlogolovy not danced a jig on the ridge of the roof, basking in the glow of the full moon ...
Much water has flowed since then, and got rid of the remnants of the cinema naive eighties - the era where a kiss on New year's at the top of the Empire State Building can be considered as the key to future happiness. Modern cinema is mired in everyday life and consumerism, but Ghost, along with dozens of other films of the time is always enjoyable and pleasing memories.
But in the end I would like to say a few words and contra. If you display the brackets really good romantic comedy-detective line with the relative happy ending, the versatile and exciting a lot of questions that are put in the movie, do not deserve such a relatively simple and easy answer is given in the 'ghosts'. If you conducted during the life of good, then climb into the dancing flames up to the light, and if bad, nasty black drags you off into the driveway - that's the whole moral of the film. Zucker accidentally touched a whole layer of philosophical and existential issues that secretly been accumulating for thousands of years, renewed from generation to generation, and fed many religious and philosophical currents. More seriously and thoroughly went to the disclosure of the theme of death in general, and in particular post-mortem existence Alan Ball in the «Six Feet Under» series. But that's another story ...
We do not believe in ghosts; but we
Tomita love, tormented anguish of separation ...
I listened to them, I heard them more than once,
Those sad and sweet sounds!
9 out of 10

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