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If in the 80's some wise guy would have said Jerry Zucker, a couple of years he will remove one of the world's most popular melodramas, he probably would have long laughed. All his life he and his brother David and friend Jim Abrahams gave people laugh and hardly thought at the dawn of his career, that on one of his films in the cinemas will issue envelopes with handkerchiefs (there were precedents), because the crowded halls will be filled with tears.
After the collapse of the famous trio "Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker" Jerry lucky, perhaps most of all. David worked on the "Naked Gun". Abrahams took a great comedy "Big Business", but their success in any comparison do not come with success that earned Jerry Zucker, the most unexpected way decided to change the favorite genre, and remove the melodrama, in which organically interwoven motives mystical thriller and romantic comedy.
Zucker got to the point: a seasoned comedian in time to catch the fickle wind spectator love, which is just at the end of the 80s blew toward the sentimental and mystical love stories, which surprisingly turned out to be involved Evin inhabitants Americans ( 'Always' Spielberg 'Abyss' Cameron 'Memoirs of an Invisible Man' Carpenter 'Peggy Sue Got Married' Coppola's 'The Fly' Cronenberg, 'Robocop' Verhoeven, 'Spirit of Vengeance' Marvin 'Scrooged' Donner, etc.) each of these characters somehow are either on the verge of death or beyond and actually 'illegal' back to finish the case. Return life to count all over again and also to overcome the fear of death, proving that there is in the world is something stronger than her - these are the motives of many fantastic bands of prosperous on one side, but 'psychologically' unstable time the outcome of the 20th century, when more and more became mystical and moral message, implicitly if not preparing for the apocalypse, the large-scale changes to certain viewers.
Zucker same as Cameron in "Titanic" showed an organic interweaving of ingredients, each of which in solitary confinement like a spectator. Of course, at the heart of the plot put feeling close for everybody, which is celebrated in 9 out of 10 of the most popular films, the feeling that people are united, and with good on-screen incarnation works flawlessly - love! The one where all ages, and for which there are no barriers, and that death is not terrible. But the audience does not like a never-ending stream of confessions of love. Love should always be through suffering - such that the heroes prove their right to it, poperezhivat, fidgety, have been working on himself and the audience. And that in the end everything came to catharsis.
responsible screenwriter Bruce Rubin For all the intrigue and adventures of heroes. I would not say that his script is brilliant or original, but one he can not refuse - he actually collected all the necessary components. Here there is a little bit scary moments, and enough humor, and a lot of romance and a bit of pathos, and most importantly - it really drags. In the end, the beyond has always attracted the audience, different variations of the haunted stories always had success and have it still
Here is that this rather simple scenario was brought to life with such brilliance -. Zucker has merit. Jerry, a talented comedian, managed to avoid the sticky pathos, which sin many Hollywood melodrama and over-sentimentality. Those scenes over which he mocked in his parodies - too pretentious, tear and emasculated - he made very simple, nice, but without the sweetness, he almost never slips into vulgarity, cheap suffocating tearfulness and moralizing. He probably did not know that ... takes a blockbuster.
Zucker familiar tact, the film is not too salty excessive 'tragic', and shaded by healthy sense of humor. And, of course, well-chosen ensemble cast - half the battle! Zucker was trying to call for a central role of Bruce Willis, but the "Die Hard" refused, deciding that the film is waiting for failure. It turned out that the failure was waiting for Bruce to 'Hudson Hawk', and later, when he received another similar offer, he is not already a tempting fate by playing in the sensational "The Sixth Sense." But Patrick Swayze at the time just was on the crest of success - and "Ghost" was the highest stage of his career
This role was finally adopted it in the form of a romantic knight, "Ghost," Swayze was a triumph.. Women spared his hero and wanted his men he sympathized. Swayze did not give reasons, and at the same time is not turned into Superman, using their new opportunities for revenge. Revenge is actually accomplished by itself - by the will of the almighty rock or Christian morality. He was very close to people who can easily identify with these unsophisticated, but noble, honest, innocent victims and passionate American.
Demi Moore also was not in the list of favorites Zucker. And it is not always able to make me believe in the sincere pain and sadness of her character. But, perhaps, whether in its place someone prettier, the image would not have happened. Many Hollywood actresses here would look too provocative and vulgar, but somehow I think about Meg Ryan - she would have coped. However, Moore was quite a match for Swayze - almost without makeup, red-eyed, boyish haircut, in a baggy suit, hide an amazing figure, Demi was gentle, sweet, and, most importantly, it does not distract the viewer from the plot, allowing you to believe that heroes of genuine love, not vulgar sexual desire, which is so often the 'Hollywood love'.
and Jerry sweet chocolate in store. He could not completely disown their past and diluted comedy film numerous jokes and funny scenes, it is sufficient to ensure that the film looked at the procedure simpler and lighter than its more "slezodavilnye" classmates. Whoopi Goldberg - comedy that does not become an alien in the film, but on the contrary, he added, originality and warmth. By itself, out of the conflict, an unwitting participant which it becomes, Whoopi character - being not too sweet, a traditional product of 'the big city' as DeVito in 'Gemini'. But removing layer by layer in a series of comical and touching scenes, Zucker has shown that spoiled the big city and the harsh reality of the people, too, have a place on a romantic boat of love. Wonderful role has become, if not the best, the most famous actress career - Goldberg became the second after Hattie McDaniel black woman awarded Oscar
I will not be original.. 'Ghost' - a reference melodrama, real and touching film about love, shot the man, from whom it least expected. He fits into the picture of the American mass cinema 80-90, but released some special warmth, positive energy interchange with the audience, which sometimes elevate to the top of the success of the films, from which nothing special do not wait - so it was with 'Jaws '' Dirty dancing ', with' Specter '. Almost a masterpiece.
9 out of 10

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