Getting licenses for tourism business in uae: Essay

Travelling the world is probably the dream of most of the people living on the face of this planet. As human beings we are very curious species and we are always looking for options to explore the earth that we live in. But at times the reason behind travelling is not only that we want to explore the world, at times all we want to do is to have some quality time with our loved ones or alone at times. It is a great idea to go to places which have a rich history. But at times these places are very difficult to visit and living conditions in those areas make it more of an adventure trip rather than a peaceful place to have some stress releasing. When it comes to tourism at times people are interested in visiting places that are world famous. Places like theme parks and world’s tallest buildings. When you look forward to go to these places you are mostly worried about the budget. Especially in the developed countries, budget is a huge issue as these countries are already very expensive. You cannot afford to waste money in trying to figure out things by yourself. A clever and efficient idea is to hire a tourist guide or consultant who will guide you about the expenses of the whole trip and also will give ideas to you about what places to visit and how to manage time too. Many people from around the world are interested in starting up a business in UAE owing to the strong economy of the country and also the large prospects for incoming foreign investments. Some of the most luxurious places to work in UAE include Dubai. People who have a Dubai main land company setup for their business have a good outreach towards the customers from all around the world. When it comes to knowing about the tourism industry of UAE, it is very clear for any aspiring businessman to understand the scope of this investment option. Hence opening up a consultancy service regarding tourism in UAE is a business with a high scope. After this much increase in the growth of tourism industry, the tough laws that UAE once used to have are now made milder and easier. It is now a much easier process to get licenses and permissions for opening up a tourism business in UAE. Once you are done with all the paper work, then you are good to go. All you have to do is to hire some people and sit down calmly waiting for your company to make progress in front of your eye. How to get all the permissions and tourism license is going to be the topic of our further discussion. It is a well-known fact the UAE as a country is progressing day by day. Not only Dubai but also other emirates also have the scope of having a valuable scope of tourism business. Even certain companies with Abu Dhabi main land company setup are also progressing at an accelerated rate. All these services come under the jurisdiction of UAE’S Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. This department has the authority to issue licenses for aspiring entrepreneurs willing to invest in tourism business. According to the previous jurisdiction and rules of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) every person aspiring to start a tourism business has to deposit a security fees of 100000- 20000 AED for each of the activities that they are going to carry out, these include both inbound and out bound operators, and also to work as a travel agent. This means that now you do not need a lot of investment to start a travel agent or tourism business and hence people with a lower budget can consider investing in this business too. Another ease that is just provided by the government regarding the tourism license in UAE is that the requirements of having an experience letter, minimum education and a space requirement of at least 300ft is also eliminated, which makes this business even more accessible. But lastly the question that rings many bells is, how are we going to get benefitted if we are able to get a tourism license? There are a Varity of things that could be done if you have a tourism license. You have a permit to try you luck as an inbound tour operator or an outbound tour operator. There are also prospects in future if you chose to become a travel agent providing people with tickets and booking other services for them. At times people start the simplest form of business. They will hire some people who speak in different languages but also understand a similar language for communication with your firm. Then you have to make these people learn about the history and facts of certain tourist locations and must-visit spots in Dubai. After doing that you have to get an office or a space where you plan all the things. It is always a great idea to employ digital marketing for your business and increase your outreach. In this way you can attract people from different parts of the world and due to your team of multilingual experts. Besides the options of earning a lot in providing travel agent services are still open. After you have all the insights about the working of a tourism business in UAE and knowing about the easier laws that the government is willing to impose to promote such businesses, it is easy for you to choose a new profession that is both promising and has a lot of scope. You can move to UAE yourself to manage the business by being physically present over there, but if you are only interested in investing money and not visiting the country, tourism is the best industry that deserves your investments. So get up and get ready to explore the perfect options for yourself and make your way in life.

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