Germany Essay

The hero of our movie is Edmund, a 13-year-old boy. Her family and home

were destroyed during the war and lost her mother. His younger brother, a

former Nazi officer, does not leave the house as a result of the changing

political system. Her older sister comes out * for 10 cigarettes per night who

do not. Their father is a bedridden patient who lost both his entire experience

and health during the war. Edmund, who makes a living for his family by working

in graves or other errands, tries to do a great deal of work for a little oil",

a little flour and some tea. But when he became a responsibility he could not

bear, it caused him to cause other things that he could not afford. As in the

films of the new Realism, the first sequences of the film begin with long walks

and the persistence continues throughout the film. Edmundiyors long legs",

frustrated and dissatisfied facial expression, unity with the period of the

film. The people that Edmund speaks to are quite brutal and ruthless after the

shocking effects of the period. Humans, trying to recover, all the goods for

livelihood either for a bit of food or a little bit in exchange for selling. In

fact, when he met his teacher, a former Socialist, they made money by selling

the plaque of his own Adolf Hitler. In this way, we see that societies give up

their ideas, their cases, and sometimes their hunger in the changing things.

The places that Hitler traveled to the American soldiers who came to the city

and not to Hitler's belongings are exhibited in a touristic tour. The changing

world and the human profiles of self-disappearing human beings do not appear at

all from the point of view of Rosselini. Edmund's father states that the German

revolution has taken away the war's takeovers; My savings were inflation and

Hitler took my children“. This naked reality is enough to explain the post-war

period with a sentence.

The stories of Wolfgang Borchert, who are similar to

the observations of his reincarnation, depict us with all the realism

devastated by ruined buildings. People who feel self-excluded, people who are

not adapting after the shock and people who cannot find themselves lost in

their loneliness can see them in the sequences of the movies with stories.

Rosselini, who exhibits the changes of human beings with all her qualities",

suddenly takes Edmund, who killed her father for her emancipation, into a

mature, ruthless human being. Edmund blends conscience with his reflex of

gaming and finds it hard to lift what he does. Edmund, who has difficulty in

lifting the weight of what he does, takes him on the road and starts walking

again. He thinks that he did for the sake of his father's death, and because he

heard from his teacher, he went to the teacher of the Nazi who was a former

Nazi, and listened to him, and that he was liberating his father. Edmund, who

was expelled from here, goes to Christ, who lost his family in the war and

lives in close proximity with the men in the basement. Finding the girl in a

lot of men, Edmund wants to save him, but she's not allowed. Edmund, who got

expelled from here, goes on the road again. On the road to play with children

who want to join, but still not want to continue.

Meanwhile, in order to commemorate those who died in a

ruined church, he hears a music played on the piano, and everyone in the street

at that moment is in a moment of silence. Edmund doesn't stop and goes on. The

ruins look at a house and quickly go there. He continues to play between the

bullet marks inside the house. The demolished concretes rest on the forehead as

if they were going to kill him in between the perforated walls. At that time",

he saw that his father had been taken to the cemetery with a coffin. Edmund

boşa, who in no way goes to the outside, disregarding his sister's call to him",

staring at the ruins of the house they are staying, scratches his face with his

hand for the last time and leaves it in a void of glass. The big boy who

suddenly leaves himself below because he cannot fit the devilistic of his

period into his tiny body. Edmund himself can be shot down, perhaps with war

beating down modern humanity.

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