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Our German topics are made of 10 things (novice) or 20 products (Intermediate) of German (both the written text and a recording of a German person speaking the term / terms) with a picture that illustrates that language. The Beginner topics are ideal for absolute novice German learners, or pupils aged between 5 and 11. The intermediate subjects are suitable for more complex adult learners, or even for additional pupils aged between 11 and 16

Each product in a topic consist of the written text (both written German text and a sound recording of a German individual speaking the term / terms) with an image that illustrates that product. The illustrations are very merely and nicely drawn generally there are going to be no confusion about what has been shown. The texts can be obtained to see and hear on all item pages within brown info sign underneath the primary software.

The language for every single subject is carefully selected to complement the language associated with the British German as an extra language curriculum. Which means if you should be in school you ought to understand same language you might be learning there for almost any particular subject. The subjects, both novice and intermediate, match with all the topics obtainable in our free online teaching German item Teach German.

Once a subject is selected at the beginning of a session at German games it will likely be recalled when you move between games as well as other tasks. So you only need to choose a subject once and that can then do numerous lessons, play multiple games and just take numerous tests without having to choose your subject topic once again.

You can find presently 56 Beginner subjects and 58 Intermediate topics to pick from. These start around single German words (as an example «Body — elements of the body» or «Food — fruit»), short phrases (eg. «Time — what time could it be?») to whole sentences («People — appearance», «Home — assisting at home»). An illustration topic is given just below:

Parts of the body

1der Kopfhead2der Armarm3das Beinleg4die Handhand5der Fußfoot6der Fingerfinger7die Zehentoes8der Magenstomach9der Rückenback10der Halsneck

See the assistance package below for directions on choosing a topic at German games.

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Go through the «1. Start» key in the top navigation bar — that brings you to this topic selection page. Regarding subject selection page you will see that the topic selection is split up in numerous means:

  1. Beginner or Intermediate (the arrow at the bottom of this red sign)
  2. By if they contain words or sentences (second column)
  3. Into easy categories (right hand of page)

Choose either Beginner or Intermediate level topics at a negative balance indication. Now the groups for that level will load. Select any sign to look at the topics that fit the category description. As an example, in the event that you select Beginner category 'Animals' you'll see a choice of two subjects: «Animals — pets» and «Animals — farm». When you click on the name associated with subject, the pictures, composing and spoken German for that topic will load (once this issue has packed it'll be designed for all tasks and certainly will not need become loaded once again).

Because of the topic loaded you'll choose whether to check out the class for that topic, or to leap right to the games (tablet users are taken straight to the concept when they choose a subject).

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