Gems attract money Essay

Strictly speaking, any gems that help us streamline life contribute to our well-being. There are, however, gems, in which the property of "attraction" of money is expressed quite definitely and tangibly.

True, it should be understood: money is invented as the equivalent of labor expended. A money-attracting stone can make you work harder. Not afraid? Then get to know the miraculous minerals closer ...

Bluish green chrysoprase

By coincidence, the natural color of chrysoprase corresponds to the colors of several world currencies - but coincidence is by chance. Even if money, like hundreds of years ago, would have remained metal coins, chrysoprase would have the same effect on them as on paper (and now plastic) bills.

When handling chrysoprase, certain rules must be followed. Solving organizational issues, decoration with a stone that brings money, you need to keep the left (ring on the finger, a brooch on clothes, a stone in your pocket). For the sake of speeding up revenues, move the gem to the right side of the body.

The greatest efficacy of chrysoprase differs in spring (April and May), and also in September and December.

Chrysolite - an esoteric analogue of chrysoprase

Golden green chrysolite was especially appreciated by the Ural prospectors. It was believed that the worker who found a beautiful chrysolite (“Basque Crèzelit”) had luck, and his financial future was necessarily strengthened.

Ural skazy confirmed by the observations of modern specialists: chrysolite, worn on the body or in a bag (in your pocket), contributes to the acceleration of cash flow and quick receipt of the planned profit.

Chrysolite activity is maximum in spring. In February, March and May, this mineral can become a major business assistant.

Chrysoberyl - a lifeboat in a stormy financial sea

The main property of chrysoberyl is the ability to pull a person out of total lack of money. Unlike chrysoprase and chrysolite, which help to quickly and quickly move an already established business, chrysoberyl to begin with minimizes losses, and then stops the outflow of financial resources altogether.

The ring with chrysoberyl on the middle finger of the right hand makes a person zealous and economical. Natural stone in its natural form, placed in a pocket, organizes the flow of funds. Cut and trimmed chrysoberyl suggests ways of enrichment, steadily directing financial flows in the direction of its owner.

December and January are the months of greatest strength of the stone, bringing good luck and money. In May and September, long bursts of chrysoberyl activity are observed.

Rhodonite - a stone that sharpens business intuition

Pink rhodonite is opaque, but so beautiful. His spots and streaks, color inclusions and black strokes, areas of thickening of color and colorless layers attract the eye, hone the thought, teach to distinguish the most important from the secondary.

The semiprecious stone rhodonite can be distinguished by the grayness of the background, the thickness of the crimson color of the local areas, and the scarlet color of individual specimens. The brighter the color of rhodonite, the more intensively the stone for money works!

Being a natural receiver of information flows, rhodonite draws the attention of the owner to the most profitable ideas. He is able to regulate the interests of the person, not letting him forget about the main topic of the business, and prompting the right business decisions.

However, the most valuable is the ability of a red stone, attracting money, to focus the attention of its owner on the human shortcomings of companions and partners. Avoiding close cooperation with unreliable agents, the owner of rhodonite is guaranteed to get rid of losses.

What is especially valuable, the activity of rhodonite is almost evenly distributed by months. It shows the highest performance in January, then in May, after in August and in November.

Bulls eye gives visual cues

The layered variety of quartz, which has acquired terracotta-cherry tones as a result of heating, is called the bull's eye. As a decoration, the bull's eye is not particularly popular, but when starting a business, you should stock up on a ring with this gem. A ring with a bull's eye is always worn on the left hand.

In the absence of interference and obstacles, this stone directs its strength to the formation of progressive business processes. However, in case of danger to the case under his care, they will switch to the protection of the created potential. At the same time, its visual characteristics change: the transparency of light layers decreases, golden overlaps disappear, and misty gray gloom appears in red tones. The beauty of the gem noticeably tarnishes.

It is best to rely on stone assistance in February, April, June and August

Tiger's eye is a sure charm

By its protective properties, tiger-eye stone resembles a bull's eye. However, its “signaling” is of a different nature: if a bull's eye loses visual appeal in the presence of danger, then the tiger's eye becomes noticeably heavier.

The manifestation of tiger eye activity is shifted relative to the months of the most productive use of the previous talisman. The golden brown tiger's eye works best in March, May, July, October and November. Therefore, it is convenient for the user to have a set of rings with cabochon of tiger and ox eyes. However, there is no complete interchangeability between gems ...

Carnelian attracts honest and active partners

Rings with cornelians do an excellent job with the functions of money-bringing stones, if used by a pair. Decorate rings with carnelian cabochon, put one on the middle finger of your left hand, and the other on the ring finger of your right hand. On the left you will receive information about the feasibility of your commercial projects. From time to time the stone will prompt you new ideas of profitable enterprises.

The cornelian, worn on the right hand, repels the dishonest shag and attracts conscientious companions. At night, both stones, being placed at the head of the bed, are able to normalize the wearer's condition, ensure complete rest during sleep, and help in the development of progressive plans.

It is strategically important to have cornelians for a person planning to conduct business in a warm season - from March to November inclusive. In winter, the stone is less effective.

Handsome citrine stabilizes income

A ring with citrine on the index finger of the right hand is a sure way to stabilize income. Carrying a stone can be replaced by placing it in the form of decorating a desk, computer rack, shelves with communicative equipment.

Citrine continues its action during business trips. It is enough to put it in a briefcase or a folder with paper, or put it in the right pocket of a business suit - and the impact of the stone will be felt to the full.

However, you should not “overdo it” with citrine: the presence of a gem on the hand, on the table, in the briefcase, and in your pocket is fraught with the transition of stability into stagnation ...

Selenite money magic

Selenite has long been famous as a mineral that helps conduct difficult negotiations. However, simple manipulations undertaken with a cabochon selenite directly attract money.

Put on the surface of the selenite cabochon the generally accepted symbol of money (ruble, dollar, euro), or money rune, or your personal monogram, denoting wealth. Darken the room, light a candle. Take a stone in your hands, light it well in the flame of a candle, mentally imagine how banknotes stick to it.

Try to stretch this exercise for twelve minutes, and do not get distracted during the ritual. Repeat the action every day, carry the stone with you, and at home or at work keep it in a prominent place. Important point: the candle should not go out spontaneously and be used for other purposes. Always self-inflate it yourself, and exclude the possibility of using it for any other purposes.

"Salty" money halite

Halite is a common table salt, however, ground powder, evaporation and any other food salt is not suitable for the rite of attracting money. (Moreover: the presence of scattered salt dramatically weakens the magical powers of any artifact).

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