Gardening Essay

MYP, Projects The Making Adventures of making a garden grow; first, before getting started, I had to learn what to plant during this season with it being winter time. I had to figure out what would grow over the year in which I was dealing with. What were the tools needed, and what were the plants needed such as seeds or plants, and then check the forecast for upcoming weather? After a little research, I decided to start my garden is to find some seeds and plants to plant my garden. My family suggests

that we go to the store and look around and ask what type of vegetables to grow best in the winter time.

We got to the store my father reminds me that we will need some tools for planting the seeds. So while in the store we had to gather multiple items for planting. We had to get some fertilizer, the seed, and plant, Greenhouse, and our tools such as gloves, and a shovel. When we had all our materials, we were heading back home to start our gardening but first, we had to scout out a place to start growing, so we look around the backyard and start to look for soil that was the softest, so we can dig.

So, we found a great spot that had a tree and some shade for our plants and gave it a little sunlight so it can grow properly. Then, I call my grandfather for what to do next, and he said to put love into what you are doing to start gardening and said to find a technique that works best for your garden make it as you're trying to solve a math problem but find different ways to solve them.

So, I went online to find a different garden technique that can be efficient. So, I did not find one that I like, so, I decided to make a new technique all can use. I decided to make use of the space in the backyard and to make the plants close together and not to make rows and to attempt to raise beds. So, my grandfather liked the idea and wanted to use some fertilizer, so our plants can be efficient and towards their growth. While we had our plan in motion, we gathered our tools and put on

the gloves and started getting dirty, First, I tilled the area.

We use the hand shovel to dig in a nice order. So what we planted was cabbage, mustard greens, turnip greens, and peas. We have put our plants and seeds into the holes and after that we got our watering can and start to give the plant water. After each process, we have taken the time to record the data of how our plant was growing in days, weeks, and months and took some pictures of our process. So what I learned during this project is Gardening is a very delicate process that people must have patience.

So what I know that gardening has a balance of work and patience that you and I have to take a lot of care of the garden some need some requirements some need less than others. There are different ways to plant is like different ways to make a difference. After each other day, we water our plants and seeds plus the result came off which plant had grown and which had not. So we produce much more cabbage than we expect and produce none of the beans. So we try to tend, and the mustards seeds some more

fertilizer. The way someone can learn so much gardening is important as I learn how much a plant need to properly standards to live as feeding them with sunlight and water. Making your garden can be subtle and rich experiences that can bring joy around you and bring happiness into your life.

I wanted to make my garden to see how it was improving oneself and how can I use it in daily life? So I started to make my garden to answer my questions. Making your Garden is a Great Way for Time Management and peace towards others. For “My” projects, I had grown my Vegetables out of my backyard to give and try. Growing your vegetables is both fun and self-sufficient. People need to learn that growing your garden can be beneficial towards yourself and others and how making your garden can be a growth

in patience and solitariness. Growing your garden will save your money at the grocery store. Gardening increases physical activity.

It is a great way to engage the whole family in physical activity and lets them help to take responsibility for the garden. Growing a garden gives you a new appreciation for nature when you can. Have the opportunity to see how things grow.

Gardening may stimulate many new interests. You may want to learn more about botany, landscape architecture, photography, nutrition, and farmer’s markets. Why don't you grow a garden to help your local community? Why not help the unfortunate and give a support system they can eat off from? People are a focus on buying fast food or food that is cheap and easily you can buy, But can you see that we as our community are just becoming less efficient and more. Of a grab and go service. When we don't

do stuff ourselves and see how we are contributing to the world.

When Making our Garden I continue to ask myself will make a garden improve society or just completely fall out of time. My inspiration was my grandfather as he was a local farmer, and he inspired people to be different and try new things and make the most of the things. To make our garden you will have to know what season it is to plant our seeds. Our seeds are primary to which season it is when it is either Fall, Winter, Summer, Or spring. In my place it that it was winter it is hard to grow

something in the cold and breezy climate. That when I took the power of technology to the next level and search for in the winter cold climate and the result came up was Garlic, Spring Onions, Perpetual

Spinach, Broad Beans, Peas, Asparagus, and Winter Salads. If your warts plant me the summer, you will plant broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, celery, lettuce, onion, pea, spinach, spring onion, sweet corn, zucchini, and tomato. But if you're planning to grow your garden in the winter time, one solution could buy a greenhouse for a backup plan for when the garden outside does not work. When making your garden you should have a backup to see which one will grow better so what I did was had a

garden in a different area. Plus a garden in another location.

If you want to look for more options look for your local seeds catalog. When the planting seeds it takes a full growth cycle it takes you a lesson we all know and loves called patience we must serve a period when planting our seeds. When planting your seeds you would like to have not planted it early into the season or it will not another thing is to plant your seeds into a soft and smooth soil for a better growth effect. When seeds are in the ground, they will need proper sunlight and water for

the nutrient. Seeds are very prior to your mission of growing your garden. Like I am, What learn from seeds is that life is a seed we grow we multiply we evolve and give life without seed is nothing to start from. We all have the needs of a plant need to survive. We all the same but have different features of different personality like flowers, Vegetables, and fruits. Not all the time we come and develop, but we live to fullest and never take that for granted, or we will waste a future we could

change, Lead, and push for a better making. That what seeds have taught me about life. What vegetable can tie your stomach in knots? String beans. To grow a garden and something I did not know about was the different types of crop method to plant. Spacing and could have a placement in helping your plant grow when having a large amount of space you need to try to squeeze as much as possible. The first types are crop rotation were rotating the crops of the plants each time can prevent the build-up

of pests and diseases. Permaculture where you reduce waste and using systems such as water butts, compost bins, and wormeries. The no-dig method When digging is a work of its own that cause light soil to dry out and spread weeds you can create narrow beds with a peg covered with any type of paper likes newspaper spread over soil and add straw, star-dust, and grass lawn clippings whichever you think is best for you to plant and water

with care. The square foot gardening when you have deep raised beds in one-foot modules. The straw bale gardening Straw-bale gardening is a cross between raised bed and container gardening. The straw-bale becomes. The container. The straw eventually decays to become compost. It makes a nice planting medium that allows for good root growth. However, it may need an occasional dose of liquid fertilizer. Hugelkultur Practice of making raised garden beds filled with decaying wood. Decomposing wood acts

as a sponge, retaining water, and providing nutrients for plants. What I have learned from the different methods of gardening is that we all use different styles different ways of solving things so you should. Create your gardening techniques. When creating your techniques think about what is the most reliable as in what you think is certain to make our plants grow. To plant a garden, we use different types of tools that can help go gardening easier and more reliant. Tools for gardening are just

as important as planting them. We use a wheelbarrow to carry dirt and flowers to our designated garden. Garden towels are the quickest way of digging a system to plant your seeds. Garden gloves are here to protect your hand from all the dirt and pests that come from underneath. Pruning shears that can cut off very thick stems, and cutting down plants. Garden hoe can help get weeds easily getting unwanted ground and tree roots from other old plants that you don't want. But it depends on what kind

of how you use if you're going to garden fruits and vegetables you will need a wider hoe. An edger is a tool for creating edges for your garden. Hoses and spray nozzles transfer watered toward your plant. An important rule in gardening is to never water too much, or you can drown a plant. One of the weirdest tools for gardening is a microwave",

but it could still be pretty. Useful When Sterilizing soil with a microwave or can even dry herbs. In case you're trying to plant in the winter tries using a greenhouse. Another tool Why not use a hand cultivator where it turns the soil it can be used to remove weeds and rough up the soil for you? A known thing that help is a trimmer line that can make digging, weeding, and planting much easier. What has Learned is that we use tools to guide us in the right direction gardening tools no less we use

our education as a tool for work and to succeed. Planting is such a complex and rich experiences that we all learn certainly me. I look at the world of planting as a resource we don't look at much but just see an old act. But you got too realized the growing and planting is the source of a lot of things. What I wish I could change is how we put our plants into a different area one with more sunlight than or one with more shade. I wish to change how much fertilizer gave each plant. What I am most

proud of how much dedication that went into this project and how my plants turn out from the outcome of taking care of them. The global context is how gardening can relieve stress and keep yourself limber when gardening you outside in a world of yourself you can relieve stress by focusing on the fresh air and soil. Throughout the years gardening has played major life of history. In ancient Egypt, Egyptians would like to rest in the shade of trees, so they created gardens enclosed by walls with trees

planted in rows Egyptians would all sort of things as in a pomegranate tree. Gardening has played a role in cultural status in China there are 7",000 species of plant. Like the Chinese wolfberry in the Ningxia. Scientist says, reduce hormone cortisol and improve self-confidence by you grow your garden and knowing that you accomplish of making something on yours. They've been a serious problem with gardening that has not been addressing that there were fewer people making them. We have more unfortunate

people who can't survive on their own we as people must supply a garden where they don't have to have an empty stomach and hungry. Schools, and the local community has started own garden site so supply fresh produce like how Laney County made a community garden that can help education and student curriculum. The outcome of my garden had shown me that gardening can show many ways of life. One of my questions is either fresh vegetables better than frozen. So So when my garden was all done and finish wanted

to compare the taste of frozen vegetables and fresh vegetables. We had a small number amount of people to taste the witch is which. The overall opinion the fresh vegetables taste better than the frozen.

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