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Not long ago, I was sitting in a small room fresh out of High School, ready to go into college. I felt guilty because, after all these years, I still did not find my passion, what I really love and wanted to do for the rest of my life. I went into a room where my orientation was held and there was a PowerPoint of many different careers. There was one picture in particular which caught my attention. It was the most perfect smile I have ever seen and that is when something inside me clicked. I got my flashbacks of when I used to have my braces and what a beautiful experience it was for me because in the first month of my orthodontic treatment I started seeing results. And best of all, the feeling I felt when my braces were removed. That feeling of confidence I felt is what I want others to feel. It was something I saw myself having passion for since I have always had an obsession with my teeth and ensuring they were in excellent condition. I always felt so grateful towards my Orthodontist because of her time and dedication that she put towards me. Not only was I her patient, but she even made time to build a friendship with me. Which is what it is but what does it mean to be an Orthodontist? How can someone get there? What are the procedures that an Orthodontist has to encounter on a daily basis? These are important questions before getting into the profession. To begin with, it is a nice feeling seeing yourself in your dream career. But the question is, how will you get there? The easiest and most logical answer is lots of years in school. Getting into a good Dental school is challenging to get in to and very competitive. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that a student may have higher chances of getting into a good school if the student has a major of some type of science, particularly a major in Biology. But what are courses that are required in order to become an orthodontist? Cindy Quarters states, “Required courses included such classes as chemistry, biology, and English, and may include other science and math classes as well.” Without these courses being accomplished, it is almost impossible to get into a Dental school. Cindy Quarter mentions that every dental student has to pass the Dental Admission Test (DAT). Without this test, it is also nearly impossible to get a job as an Orthodontist. Cindy strongly suggests that people looking into this profession that the practitioner becomes a dentist first. This is to gain experience, and the challenges that the dentist has to go through on a daily basis. After that, they can then train to be an Orthodontist. One great school I researched that has a great Dental program is Florida Atlantic University (FAU). In order to transfer into FAU into the Dental Program the requirements are to have an AA Degree accompanied by a Biology Major. Next, another thing many people ask themselves is the environment of the career and the annual salary of this career? The environment of an Orthodontic Office is fairly very calm with an office like area. Sokanu states in his article “Orthodontists work in well-lit offices or clinics. The average orthodontist works approximately 30-40 hours per week.” He also mentions that some Orthodontist has a very flexible schedule and may even work only three to four days out of the week. That, of course, is with a lot of years in the profession. With this job, you do not have to worry about being called in overnight as expected in other professions, like doctors that work in hospitals. In this work environment, a dentist is likely to have a partner to work with a small workforce in the dentist office. The salary of an orthodontist will depend on the experience the orthodontist has and of course skills. The Bureau of Labor Statistic states “The median annual wage for dentists was $156",240 in May 2018… and the highest 10 percent earned more than $208",000.” It really depends on the knowledge you have within the career and the desire within someone to be an Orthodontist. One good thing about this career is that the growth rate has an increase of nineteen percent by the year. This is suitable because the average growth rate of a decent job is about seven percent. This is because with the years passing by, people more cautious and aware of their teeth. They have more knowledge about the importance of their teeth to be in perfect condition due to too many bacterial infections and diseases that can be caused. In addition, another question that might cross through your mind is what are the procedures that this profession requires in order for an individual to be most successful in this position? As well as what they do every day in the job. Well in order to succeed in this occupation the person will need to have great skills such as, paying attention to small details, making quick decisions, and communication skills. The reason Cindy stated this job requires good communication skills is that you will need to have good communication with not only your assistant but with your patient as well. Cindy says that communicating with the patient, letting them know what will the procedures you will encounter with them lets the patients feel more comfortable and trusting towards your work. If you just go into the room with your patient and go straight to work without explaining, the patient will be curious or even frustrating because they do not know what you are doing to them. This is a reason why it is important to have good communication skills with not only your patients but with your partner too. In an article written by Learn.org, it states “Orthodontists perform consultations with patients who have bite problems and figure out the best approach to treat these issues… Orthodontists often straighten their patients' teeth by applying pressure. This usually involves retainers or braces.” This is an important role in this career because this defines the job. Fixing the patients' jaw alignments and their teeth. The Orthodontist will need to know how to put the brackets and know how much pressure to apply to the patients' teeth and know exactly what they need to do in order to have a successful result with their patients. Furthermore, this beautiful career not only benefits the patients but also the Orthodontist. This benefits the patients simply because you are giving them the confidence and satisfaction of the results that the Orthodontist made to the patients' life. The patients go from hiding their smile to smiling every chance they get. This also benefits the patient because the Orthodontist is fixing any jaw alignments that the patient could have had. According to Mike Mizell, if someone goes through with orthodontic treatment, having a clean mouth should ten times easier than if a patient did not have orthodontic treatment. This is because teeth that are not aligned properly have a higher risk of getting cavities. Here Dr. Mizell explains, “Food particles can get stuck between badly aligned teeth, making it pretty hard to remove some of these particles. The possibility of cavities and infections increase when food is allowed to remain in between your teeth”. He explains that with orthodontic treatment it will be a simpler to floss and easier to brush since you would not have to worry about having leftover food particles stuck in your teeth. That is how it benefits the client, but it benefits the actual orthodontist because they will most likely recommend you to people and then the orthodontist will have more clientele. Another great benefit that the Orthodontist has is that they receive Health insurance, life insurance, and even retirement plans. It is always important when people are looking into jobs that they look for the benefits that they can receive. Depending on where you choose to work, and the more years you have worked at an Orthodontic office you might even get a paid vacation. In conclusion, when picking a career for yourself, you have to find something you are passionate about. A career that does not make you drag yourself out of your house just to be there. You have to look for something that satisfies you and this is why I chose this profession as my dream career because after all this research I made today, it makes me more eager to go into this profession. The procedures that an orthodontist has to go through every day is a lot to handle but not impossible to do and it is also very satisfying. Being an Orthodontist also has many benefits as for the patient and yourself. The Orthodontist also has to go through a lot of years of schooling and requires a lot of focus and great skills. Being an Orthodontist would not only just be your job but it should also make you feel more pleased because you making a difference in peoples’ lives.

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