Fundamentals Of Managing And Organizations Essay


Discuss about the Fundamentals of Managing and Organizations.



As a newly employed attendant in the customer relations department in the beverage manufacturing company, I would interact with various consumers with various needs. One morning just after reporting to work, settling on my computer and getting ready to serve, a client walks up to my desk and demands to know the CEO’s new office. Being aware of the protocol, I calmly, and a little casually, direct him to the secretary for further direction. The customer takes offence in my approach noting he felt demeaned by my response and swore never to have any future interactions with the company. The incident threw a cold shiver as such information reaching my boss would cost me my job. My efforts to calm the customer down proved futile and he instead created a scene attracting other workers and colleagues. Being one of the company’s revered clients, the had to replace me in a bid to ‘please’ their loyal customer.

One of the core concepts in proper management of people is effective communication and elimination of prejudgment especially when meeting an individual for the first time (Bartol, 2011). I must confess my approach while responding to the client’s needs might have been quite informal which could not have gone well with the customer. Secondly, being my first meeting with the client, who is apparently an important figure in the organization, his arrogant approach caused me to prejudge on his character and reputation. Our responses to people during communication should not be influenced by prejudgment (Robbins, DeCeruzo and Coulter 2012). The third aspect I could deduce from the incidence is a poor show of ethical standards in dealing with the individual. I was not patient enough to want to know the customer more and perhaps establish why he wanted to see the CEO directly instead of the observing the obvious protocol. Despite his unwelcoming approach, as a worker and hence a manager of the company’s clients, there was need for more exercise of good etiquette.

Improvement Planning

With reference to the above mentioned concepts on management of people one of the areas I would adjust on is my communication skills and effectiveness. In an organizational environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds are involved, there is an inevitable need to maintain the communication approaches at formal levels (Cole, 2012). This would minimize misinterpretations which in turn results in misunderstandings. In case of such an incidence in future, I would maintain a very formal approach in my responses to the customer despite the gravity of his approach. Based on Clegg, Kornberger and Pitsis (2011)’s emphasis on good work ethics, I would maintain the right ethical standards in dealing with people especially at the place of work. To evaluate the progress of these strategies, I can gauge the changes in client behaviors in relations to my adjustments. A positive behavioral approach and a more interactive relation with both the customers and other colleagues would be an indication of good progress. However, values such as patience may be constrained by lack of enough time as the company also has work instructions which ought to be accomplished within a given period. There may also be the challenge of unsupportive colleagues especial those who are rigid and unwilling to improve on their behaviors.


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