From the hall to the bedroom: the best plants (and flowers) to dress your rooms Essay

They purify the air, they decorate, they bring freshness, they generate calm ... Discover the most suitable species to turn your house into a true interior garden.

Plants are always welcome at home, but when spring arrives, their presence becomes essential, both for their decorative power and for their properties (purify, oxygenate, refresh ...). In addition, creating a botanical garden within our home is one of the trends of interior decoration of this 2018. To help you in your choice, we have turned to the hands, experience and style of Elena and Ana Pérez-Cacho, is to say of Piccole & Coccole, so that they explain us stay by stay, which are the most indicated species and flowers in each space and where to place them so that they look as they deserve.

The best reception

Floral arrangements and indoor plants have the power to grant elegance and make any space much more special. "Eucalyptus is a natural protector against viruses and diseases, so decorating the entrance with its branches is a very good option. We can also let it dry little by little so that it serves for months as a decorative element, "Elena and Ana advise. Another very decorative option is to hang small containers on the wall of the hall with pretty dried flower clusters.

Plants and flowers that love the living room

For the living room we can choose to decorate both plants and flowers, here will depend much light and space you have. A beautiful composition with plants of different sizes is always a good way to provide energy and oxygenate the environment. But undoubtedly, a good floral arrangement, on the coffee table or on a sideboard, is key to giving your home a touch of distinction, very 'chic'.

In spring we have at our disposal a festival of colors and smells, so let it sneak into the house. The pink tones and strawberries combine very well with green, lilac and white. If you are daring you can opt for more intense colors like red or orange, which combined with whites and blues get spectacular effects. "Like people, each flower is different, and the choice of its colors and shapes will vary depending on your personality and the style of your home. If you are a romantic person, you may prefer to have a nice center with roses or peonies. On the other hand, if you are more carefree, a beautiful arrangement with poppies, buttercups and wild flowers can fit more with you ", they advise from Piccole & Coccole

In the bathroom and the kitchen

When choosing the ideal plant, you must take into account factors such as light, humidity or the size of the room. Thus, "to decorate the bathroom, it is best to opt for varieties that withstand much moisture and need little light, such as fern or orchids. Bamboo is also ideal, because it likes to live in humid environments, does not require much light and brings freshness. Also, according to the 'feng shui' brings good luck, "say Elena and Ana.

While in the kitchen, the plants that best fit are the aromatic (basil, thyme, rosemary, mint ...), which provide freshness and smell. We can also choose wild floral arrangements, which give light and color to this area of the house, although always trying to avoid delicate flowers, such as roses.

Sharing a room

"For the bedroom, it is best to opt for shades and varieties that invite rest, with smells and light and soft colors, such as lavender, which is soothing and analgesic or jasmine, whose color conveys peace", advise from Piccole & Coccole Aloe vera is another classic of this room, since, by emitting oxygen at night, it improves the air in the room and promotes a more restorative sleep. Or ivy, which improves asthma and allergies.

If you do not want to give up the pleasure of a flower arrangement. Remember that the choice of the container for your flowers is an important point. Its size, the opening of its mouth, its material ... These are aspects that will help to enhance the center and, therefore, the stay.

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