Freshwater Crises In New Zealand Essay


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New Zealand, a small country as far as geography is concerned but a global giant when it comes to protection of green cover and water bodies, overall a flag bearer of cleanliness (Desmarais, 2015). Mother Earth is going through a turmoil i.e. global warming, deforestation, production and usage of weapons, excessive carbon emissions and Paris climate deal is a recent example of how serious threat mishandling of environment has caused but I still feel the loss is not irreparable (Mountfort, 2015).

Like any other country, New Zealand is also facing these issues, but the damage caused by our home bore mismanagement of river water is eye opening and it has negatively impacted our global image as a clean and green superpower (Mountfort, 2015).

New Zealand might have increased its dairy production multifold however due to lack of stringent government policies, proper reinforcement of existing laws that is RMA can see huge contamination in natural fresh water because unlike any other industry, agriculture is largely dependent on ecology and ecology has its limitations when challenged (Desmarais, 2015). The wastage and residue produced by agriculture, resulting in a harmful mixture of elements that is nitrogen, phosphorus and phosphate in fresh water complimented by our own public negligence towards the environment (Desmarais, 2015).

Time has come to do a reality check and strengthen our legislation which empowers, guides, educates farmer community to keep a check on environmental damage caused by excessive cows/ cow urine, pesticides and work in concurrence with government bodies to maintain New Zealand’s image (Mountfort, 2015). Still have a long way to go but let’s work towards cleaner and greener New Zealand.


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