Freedom Writers Movie Analysis Essay

In the modern life of the increasing competition, young people who is the hope of a state future should be offered a right and appropriate education, so that a good educator is pretty crucial to the pillars of a state. A certain remark or an incidental action from the educators might influence students whole future, whether it is a good remark and action or not. In the film Freedom Writers directed by Richard LaGravenese, the novice teacher, 23-year-old Erin Gruwell, meet a group of black, Latino, and Asian gang bangers who hate her more than they do each other: however, the starter in the educational world perseveres with the mess-up kids and travels this journey with them. According to the film, Erin gruwell is pretty strong and courageous. In her world, there is full of love, as well, she has high passion to become a teacher.

For the first reason that Erin Gruwell perseveres with her students, she has a strong and courageous personality. When Erin step into room 203, at the long beach, secondary school, its barely two years after 1992 Los Angels riots. The 203 classroom is full of troubled kids who are mixture of different countries. She witnesses the fight and hatred during the kids. Facing so tough situation, Erin doesnt give up the desperated students, but also decide to help them out of their thinking of the life in the uncleared war. The underprivileged 203 room is the place that other teachers fear and dislike, but Erin doesnt exclude the kids like them. When Erin gets a racialist drawing depicting a black student with exaggerated features, she cant control her furiousness. We suppose at this moment the teacher was not Erin. Even if she or he has justifiable outrage, she or he might act nothing to happen. In addition, Erin quotes the role similar caricatures of Jews played in the Holocaust in order to make the kids know they were not supposed to insult other people. Im shocked that Erin plays the stick and carrot strategy. In a word, Erin reveals ever the strongest and most courageous personality while facing the unteachable and desperated kids.

There is another reason why Erin stick with the kids, which is that Erin is full of love in her world. Erin is a pretty gracious and noble educator who tries to make friends with them and lead them to the right way. Because of her sympathy to the kids, she is unwilling to see the desperated look. At first, she plays a line game and asks them some questions that touch deeply kids heart. They never feel what they really lose. They have not feel what they really feel for long time. At the same time, Erin cites the diary of Anne Frank about a teenager in another dangerous world. She encourages the kids to write daily in a diary. They are allowed free to record everything in the past, present or future. When she opens the locker and sees her students diary inside, she feels pleasant by sweet smile. She reads the diary carefully page by page, and sometimes her eyes are full of tears. She can completely feel what the kids are getting through. That causes her more desire to help the hurt kids. After that, Erin listens to them, respect and understand them in a special educational way no teachers have ever done to them. Thats completely because Erin is a responsible educator who is full of love in her world, and her wholehearted treatment for them is engraved in the kids heart.

The final reason why Erin travels the journey with her students all the time is that she has high passion to be a qualified educator. At the beginning of the film, Erin Gruwells passion of becoming a teacher is given a heavy beat by the troubled kids; however, she is not a woman who is so easy to be beaten. Her passion doesnt cold down. She does everything to be close to them and walk into their heart. Erin devotes so much time to care about the kids so that she doesnt spend enough time to her husband. That causes some arguments with her husband. At the end of the film, he ends the marriage. Its such a huge sacrifice just because of too much passion of her teaching career.

All in all, Erin is a pretty qualified and valuable educator. All that she does for the mess-up kids finally touch their heart. They change their desperated thoughts by writing diary instead of violence, and they gain happiness rooted from life. Through the film Freedom Writers, that proves what an educator does for the students really act on their future. A eligible educator is very important to the kids.

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