Free Essay on Farmer – A farmer the most important members of culture. He could be the giver of food towards individuals, to all practical purposes.

He gets up early in the morning and would go to his industries. Now-a-days, in many different states, the days of ploughing the fields by using oxen are nearly over aside from the farmers that – too poor to acquire a tractor.

The farmer has many types of works to accomplish. He ploughs his fields. He sows the seeds. He waters the industries frequently. He's got to manage the plants. He has to protect them against hail and frost.


He's got to apply compost and fertilizers. He has and to; sprinkle insecticides and pesticides to guard the crops against bugs and insects.

Most of the old farmers are illiterate. Nevertheless the farmers regarding the new generation are mostly educated. Their being educated helps them plenty. They get the soil of their industries tested in a labora­tory. Therefore, they could understand what type of crop will develop well inside their industries.

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Although the large amount of big farmers has greatly improved, the healthiness of tiny land-holders and marginal farmers continues to be definately not being satisfactory.


Such farmers get big loans from banks that they cannot repay. Numerous farmers have actually committed committing suicide in a variety of states during the last couple of years.

All of the farmers aren't interested in free electricity and water. They rather want an uninterrupted method of getting electricity which is why they're willing to spend.

In states like Punjab, in the beginning the Green Revolution aided the farmers a great deal. Nevertheless the affordable prices of the produce due to bumper crops became a negative factor for them.

Tiny farmers should also begin some cottage companies. Crop rotation system and contract crop system has been started in some states. Such actions come in the proper way and can assist the farmers in the end.

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