Foot Health Training Guide For Long-Term Care Personnel Essay


Describe what they would feel and what they could do to alleviate the problem?


The trouble of a person starts from the situation when he starts walking in the dark room and accidentally hit a metal chair. A person while walking in a dark room must follow certain steps. He must open his eye as long as possible so that he can figure out some shadow or a very small quantum of light which can guide him in that dark room. He can also feel some consciousness for the reason of darkness. The consciousness can be started as because of the apprehension or confusion in the darkness. The person must open his arms in that condition which will ultimately help him in finding the furniture or wall in that room. He has to alert his senses in highest way so that he can touch or feel the things or hear the slightest sounds also. The person walks into the dark room and he is bare foot, so unfortunately he stuck the chair and got the injury. The pain seems to be the shock for him because he did not expect the hit on the metal chair. He all of a sudden falls in the ground with severe pain and a big hit punch on the feet. He rubbed his feet with hand but the pain is not decreased by any means. Tears fallout from his eyes as the hurt got intolerable and the terror of a broken down feet come to his brain because of concentration and severity of that pain. He starts shouting and calling out his relatives for the help. He did the act with the intention that someone may come and switch on the light so that he can see the condition of the feet. Till the time, someone come and switch on the light of the room he rubbed his feet to lower down the pain but actually all the efforts went in vein. One of his relative arrives and switch on the light of that room. He asked his sister to examine the actual condition or the feet. His sister checked the toe properly and especially examined the wounded part. She also moving his feet up and down and stretch it a bit (Helfand, Finestone and Newton, 2007). But he shouts in pain. The pain is not decreasing and he could not walk properly. Finally he realise that the feet swollen a bit and paining severely. He and his sister assumed that he might break his feet. His sister got an ice paunch and places it into his feet (Rush, 2008). It was put into the feet to provide comfort to the feet from the intolerable pain (Krohmer et al., 2001). His system helped him to place him a sofa and give a pain killer to him. She put a pain removing gel to his feet. His system put some pillows under the feet to comfort the feet (Le et al., 2014). The treatment and painkiller is to some extent relieved him from the huge pain. On the next morning he went and visits a consultant physician for his problem. He actually consults an orthopaedic doctor for his feet injury who advice him for an X- Ray and proceed with further treatment.


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