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The study would focus on hiring of new Bartender for a bar namely “Luger Sports Bar and Grill” in the New York City. Mr. Luger is in search of a Bartender who can work for extended shifts and closing hours in the bar (Onyema and Ofoegbu 456). He has four applicants to select from, for acquiring the best with the ability of assisting the consumers in an exquisite manner.

Required Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the selection of a bartender are as follows:

Urgent requirement for a Bartender with lucrative salary package

Age: Minimum 21 and above

Sex: Preferably Male

Qualification: Minimum 12TH pass, Graduates in Hospitality Management Preferable

Shift Timings: 12pm – 11pm ( Extension of Shifts upon requirements)

Eligibility Criteria: The individual should possess excellent communication skills and have a presentable attitude. Experienced candidates are preferable over the fresher and should have the ability to handle chaotic situation. An individual with a cool and friendly attitude is the best choice for the post.

Salary: 15- 21k. Lucrative incentives are additional

Contact Person: Mr. Luger

Contact Number: 845*******

Venue: Lugers Sports Bar and Grill

Selection Procedure

In the contemporary scenario of restaurant and bar business, identifying an efficient bartender is akin to striking gold. Every bartender has the quality of mixing drinks, but every few are blessed with the dedicated mix of friendliness and aloofness, which is the trademark for a successful bartender (Pantelidis and Ioannis pp. 249). Upon selection of a Bartender, the recruiter would ask certain questions to the applicants for the position of a bartender.

List of Interview Questions

How would you behave with an individual who has taken too much of drinks?

How would you adjust with the drunker consumers of opposite sex?

What are the traits of handling a bar with a busy schedule?

How would you handle a disappointed consumer?

How would you handle any chaotic scenario?

How would you behave if you have any issues with any other member?

Are your tips certified?

While selecting a Bartender, Mr. Luger always considered checking references before hiring a bartender from the blues. The selector should have a sense of vigilance for selecting the most appropriate bartender. There is an essentiality for experienced Bartenders if the organization aims to fulfill the perceived needs and demands of the consumers. While interrogating the applicant with the questions mentioned above, the selector will be able to identify the salesmanship skills of a bartender, which is the most determinant factor of success for the organization in the competitive market (Vai et al. pp. 36).

The selector shall investigate the background and reputation of the applicant for safeguarding the reputation of the bar. The Bartender shall be a good listener or at least address to fake listening. The selector should also check the patience level of handling adverse situations by asking him questions related to complicated scenario in a bar (Anders pp. 780). Upon successful interrogation with the applicant, the select should check the fact whether the applicant has any criminal record (Valta and Katerina pp. 3347). These are the primary areas of requirement for adoption of a successful bartender. Upon supervision of the needful criteria, the recruiter selected Allison for the post of a bartender at “Luger Sports Bar and Grill”.

Justification of Selection

The selector has opted for Allison based on his eligibility and immense experience in the hospitality sector. The following table will demonstrate the reason of selecting Allison over Megan, Scott and John.

Applicant Name

Reasons behind Selection and Rejection


John has met certain requirements of the eligibility criteria, however, one of the major reasons for not selecting John, is his ill temper, which does not fulfill the basic requirement of a successful bartender. For example, a heart broken lover or a divorcee may irritate a bartender by pouring his/her heart stuffed with sorrow. In case of such situations, the bartender should be a good listener, instead of being getting irritated at regular intervals. Furthermore, John has little or no experience with mixing drinks, which again add to the needful attributes of a bartender.


Scott has all the eligibility of a success bartender but when compared to that of Allison, the latter takes the edge over Scott due his hospitality degree and certification course in liquors spirits and wines. Therefore, Allison tends to be the best fit for the bar of Mr. Luger


One of the major disadvantages for not choosing Megan is her inexperience for the post of a bartender. Furthermore being a female it accounts for both advantages and disadvantages in relation to the success factor of business acquisitions. On one hand, being a female, it can turn out to be a potential threat for women while working for extended shifts, but simultaneously it could turn out to be a blessing in disguise for the bar as female are most familiar with friendly acquisitions and attracting consumers.


Allison has all the components of becoming a successful bartender for the bar of Mr. Luger. He is very much communicative, have vast experience of mixing drinks and a degree holder of hospitality management. In addition to that, he excels in his acquisition of a certificate course in liquors, spirits and wines. He is the best fit for the post as he fulfills all the above eligibility mentioned in the criterion list. He has the capability of reading individual minds and interacts with the consumers, thus contributing towards organizational success in the competitive market.


On the contrary, it concludes that, Mr. Luger can be satisfied while selecting Allison for the post of bartender on Lugar Sports Bar and Grill. Allison is not only a good listener, but he has also mastered the art of fake listening. A person who recently broke up with his partner will require a ear for pouring his sorrow out in an effective manner. In this scenario, the communication skills of Allison can come into existence. His record of accomplishment suggests that he is an honest and trustworthy employee for the bar. His salesmanship skills are commendable by nature and his experience will definitely contribute towards organizational success in the completive market.


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