Focus On Clinical Learning And Teaching Competence Essay


1. Describe the health service for which you intend to develop a marketing plan, including an explanation of why this service is needed and the potential target audience for this service.
2. Describe the two social media tools you selected for your marketing plan.


1. Marketing plan of a healthcare service:

The Wheatland local health care service is providing a unique combination of community-based social services and premier home health care in the southern Kansas. After performing the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the market research of that particular area, it is observed that there is a remarkable need for community-based social services and premier home health care in that particular region. It is observed that southern Kansas is a busy area (Free et al., 2013). Most of the families are working or busy with their career. Due to that region, the older people over there are being neglected from the basic care. Therefore, the objective of that health care service is to provide social service care and home health care with responsive and organized management by employing well educated and competent staff in the Southern Kansas.

The potential target of these services will be those families and individuals who are in need of social and home health care services. The health care professionals of that region, like, health care facilities, insurance companies, attorneys, physicians refer those patients usually. This health care service has already built a good reputation with those local professionals through the activity of their clinical director (Fox & Duggan 2013). This health care service under that clinical director had provided this service in the other community. That was a huge success.

2. Selection of social media tools and its impact:

To make this marketing plan of the health care service the members of that health care have chosen two social media tools, which are face book and Linked In. These two social Medias will fetch the patients. Developing relationships with the people is very much needed for the marketing of these services. So, according to that, the blogs will be made in these two sites. In linked in, the profiles of the doctors, nurses, home careers will be mentioned on the blog of this health care. It will help the people to get the information. In face book, this service can make a blog follow the conversations regarding the service. This will help the people to get connected with the health professionals and these health care services directly (Berwick & Hackbarth, 2012). In face book, the admin or management of this service can follow other blogs of health professional, physicians, insurance companies. The people over that area will also be informed with the medial and financial data. This will help the families over that region from all perspectives. To make this service more successful in the online social tool, the management hast to join the conversation by posting comments on forums and blogs in face book or answering the questions in Linked In. The management also can assure their success of this business strategy through the increasing number of followers, comments and read the positive comments, conversations (Teno et al., 2013). The management can modify this health care service with the advice by followers according to them.

Social media tool in marketing plan varies with each industry and each business. However, the management of the business has to be clear about the fact that making a business more successful through online tools; the management needs to have "all hands on deck".


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