The tale «Flowers for Algernon», by Daniel Keyes, that people read in English had been about a mentally retarded individual, known as Charlie who had an operation to improve their intelligence, but the procedure was a deep failing and Charlie is sluggish once more. He desires to move now so society won't ridicule him to be sluggish once again. Daniel Keyes wrote this quick tale once and for all reasons.
Daniel Keyes wrote «Flowers for Angernon» to show folks from another look on what we treat mentally challenged individuals. Whenever you treat people as you always do, you never observe mean or exactly how cruel it certainly could be. It might just be your personality or the means you were mentioned. By him composing an account on a mentally challenged person wanting to be smart to be accepted by culture, and then be observed as a «normal» person, at any length or means, was to show us, the society, how exactly we treat mentally challenged individuals. He may have experienced a mentally challenged person being treated defectively, or perhaps ended up being associated with one and desired to inform the society it had been maybe not right, but place it in a way by which it touched individuals in their own means, dependent on how they interpret the tale. Into the story, there was clearly a place in which Charlie was at an event as well as got him drunk, making him dancing with a woman. Charlie had never been with a woman before and didn't understand what to accomplish. They certainly were!
tripping him as he was wanting to dancing using the woman. Later on following the procedure when he makes sense he says "...people were laughing and making enjoyable of me..." possibly Daniel Keyes has seen something such as this take place before done to some body mentally challenged.
Daniel Keyes standpoint of enhancing cleverness by artificial means, is he could be against it. In the end he told through Charlie in an odd means which he had wished he never ever would have had the operation because he now people need seen how he was as soon as mentally challenged, then became smart and became slow again. He had been…

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