Summary: Exploresthe guide Flowers for Algernon. Describes the psychological growth pf Charlie and exactly how it corresponds together with intellectual growth. Debates the positive and negative facets of each kind of development.

In novel Flowers for Algernon, by Daniel Keyes, Charlie has a great deal development following the operation. One of the numerous mental and physical growths he built-up ended up being feeling. I noticed that as soon as Charlie began developing emotions these people were all bad feelings and mental poison. Emotions are good or bad; but for Charlie it absolutely was all downhill.

The story follows your brain and life of a mentally retarded man, Charlie Gordon, who's 32 years of age. Charlie attends per night school in hope he will 1 day be smart like his teacher, Miss Kinnian, who he considers a «genius.» Whenever provided the chance to have their IQ tripled, regardless of the risks and the potential for losing it all, he agrees. Through the time of his knowledge he experiences love, betrayal, heartbreak, embarrassment, loneliness, loses their work at a bakery because of their cleverness and grows in...

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