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?Seminar Essay: The Themes of Alienation and Loneliness in Novel if somebody is lonely, it indicates that she or he suffers from or characterized by a depressing feeling of being alone. But everyone’s definition of loneliness is significantly diffent because individuals encounter it for different reasons. Loneliness is an emotion we have all experienced before, but it does play a role in growth, mentally and emotionally. Loneliness is thought by Charlie Gordon throughout plants for Algernon. Charlie’s varying amount of loneliness could be divided in to three stages: the pre-genius, genius, and post-genius stages.

The themes of alienation and loneliness played a huge role in every one of Charlie’s stages of cleverness and impacted their development to becoming a normal individual. During the “pre-genius” stage, Charlie ended up being addressed like an outcast, however, he felt as though he fit in with the others at bakery. Charlie felt like he belonged and had written, “I dont care so much about beeing famus. I just want to be smart like other pepul therefore I might have countless frends who like me” (Keyes 13). Charlie wanted to be smart similar to the workers at Donner’s bakery.

He thought that he could break the interaction barrier between himself and his co-workers, which will have an optimistic impact. Unfortunately, Charlie was oblivious from what ended up being taking place within the bakery and penned, “Lots of pepul laff at me personally and their my frends and now we have fun” (Keyes 20). Charlie never ever really had friends, but he thought he did. He additionally thought that all those times his co-workers were laughing; these people were with him and not at him because he could not understand the mockery being made about him. Charlie wants ‘to be smart’ to flee being ‘lonely on your own all of the time” (Bruccoli). Within pre-genius period, Charlie didn't feel lonely, however the other bakery workers, of his bullies, thought he had been. Experiencing alienated varies according to just how one feels because some body could feel like they will have all of the buddies they could ever want, however in truth, he'd no buddies. Charlie thought your bakery employees were their buddies, so he was perhaps not lonely from his or her own viewpoint.

Loneliness nevertheless played a big role although he'd friends because Charlie’s behaviour revolved around him trying to fit in, and through wanting to keep in touch with their friends better. Loneliness and alienation had been many evidently utilized during the genius stage because this is the phase where Charlie understood he actually did not have friends. To be able to gain buddies, Charlie changed his personality together with means he acted completely in order to attempt to easily fit into. Through doing this, Charlie experienced just what many people have actually in today’s culture whenever suffering from peer stress.

Charlie’s plan backfired, costing him their work during the bakery. The viewers need thought exactly what Judith Baugman also had after she read the book as she commented, “Charlie a short while later becomes ‘an arrogant, self-centered, antisocial bastard’ as a result of realizing simply how much he'd been victimized and abused when retarded” (Baugman). Charlie made a decision to offer his colleagues a taste of what they were doing to him as well as got afraid of Charlie and isolated him. Within phase, Charlie faced the irony between being nothing and having every thing to being everything and achieving nothing.

He got exactly what he previously constantly wanted, which was become normal, nevertheless when he acquired such aspiration, he lost just what he currently had, friendships. On page 104, Charlie begged Mr. Donner for their job back, but had been refused because he had been upsetting another workers and he had the prospective to obtain a much better occupation. Charlie felt unloved and unwanted also from guy he'd treated as his father, which will be a symbolic repetition to be refused by his genuine moms and dads. Also, as Charlie got even smarter, he understood so it got increasingly more complicated to communicate with other people as “I am just like a long way away from Alice with an I.

Q. of 185 as when I had an I. Q. of 70” (Keyes 126). Not only does Charlie feel undesired and very lonely, but now, it really is nearly impossible for him to interact with others. All he'd was Algernon, who couldn't make a person feel liked because he had been perhaps not human. Loneliness impacted Charlie’s development inside genius phase because their life was distasteful, but through this experience, he can only become stronger. Through the post-genius period, Charlie’s intelligence began reverting back to his initial state.

Not merely has Charlie learned how exactly to treat other people, but therefore have Gimpy and the other people within bakery as Diane Telgen also discovered obvious and noted that “And in the final irony, whenever Charlie comes back to their IQ of 68 and seeks his old job straight back, Joe and Frank, the men who'd persecuted him prior to, defend their against an attack from a brand new worker. This is exactly what real relationship is” (Telgen). When Charlie reverted back to their original self, he made real friends. Those that accustomed bully him became near to him the same as whenever Gimpy said, “Charlie if anybody bothers you or trys to make the most you call me personally or Joe or Frank and we'll set him strait.

We all want one to remember that you have frends right here and do not you ever forget it” (Keyes 209). Gimpy actually told Charlie that he ended up being his buddy, an indication of moving forward. Inside stage, Charlie finally felt as though he belonged and had been wanted the right reasons. Although Charlie’s cleverness revert back to an IQ of 68, Charlie became more wise and mature whenever on web page 308, he told Gimpy not to get Klaus fired after he was bullied by him since it is to give everyone an extra possibility.

Charlie has discovered the true need for relationship and through perhaps not attempting to feel lonely and also others have the exact same, he became considerate. At all of Charlie’s phases of intelligence, he felt lonely in some way. From thinking that he previously an amazing life to becoming a genius and losing everything he'd. Then, he reverted back once again to his original self, but now, there were people who stood up and wanted to be around him. Charlie experienced much loneliness through the novel, which affected their behavior, which can be common is today’s globe whenever individuals wish to easily fit in.

Charlie shows the audience a significant tutorial; buddies are those who will require to you for your personality and behavior around them and intelligence just isn't a problem. This course really reflects today’s society since it shows exactly how peer force is something you must not consider in life. Alienation and loneliness really played a giant role in Charlie’s life throughout their stages of cleverness. Loneliness impacts just how humans interact with each other simply because they desire to be loved.

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