Flowers For Algernon Essay

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The story "Flowers for Algernon", by Daniel Keyes, that people read in English was about a mentally retarded individual, called Charlie who had a surgical procedure to improve their cleverness, nevertheless the operation was failing and Charlie is slow once more. He would like to go now so society won’t ridicule him if you are sluggish again. Daniel Keyes composed this brief story once and for all reasons. Daniel Keyes penned "Flowers for Angernon" to exhibit individuals from another look on what we treat mentally challenged people. Whenever you treat people while you always do, you don’t observe mean or exactly how cruel it surely may be. It may just be your personality or the means you had been raised. By him writing a story on a mentally challenged person planning to become smart to…show more content…

Daniel Keyes perspective of increasing intelligence by synthetic means, is that he's against it. In the long run he told through Charlie in an odd method which he had wished he never ever could have had the operation because he now people has seen exactly how he was once mentally challenged, then became smart and became slow again. He was afraid that society wouldn’t accept him. "we dont desire Miss. Kinnian to feel sorry for me personally. Evry human body feels sorry at the factery and I also do not wish that eather so Im going someplace in which no one understands that Charlie Gordon was once a genus and now he cant even reed a book or rite good." Whenever Charlie went back to exert effort he was confronted with a person whom made a rude comment, but a CO-worker who always make fun of him and set him around fail stuck up for him. But later Charlie stated which he desires to visit ny to have from everybody else. This is where Daniel Keyes states that he wouldn’t desire the procedure become done. Here is the declaration Charlie made: "…Im going someplace where no one understands that Charlie Gordon had been when a genus…" i do believe that in which Daniel Keyes point ended up being made because if he (Charlie) had never really had the operation, he'dn’t be looking to get far from culture, he would have never understood exactly what being a "genius" also suggested. Daniel Keyes reported in the tale, " It was wicked whenever Eve paid attention to the snake and consumed through the tree of knowledge. It absolutely was wicked when she saw

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