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Behrendt (2012) mentioned in his post that in 1770, the British claimed Australia under the Terra Mullin. The meaning of it is that Australia is the land, which belongs to no one. However, it needs to mention that in Australia indigenous people lived for approximately 40000 years. The British wanted to expand their empire and reduce the crowd in the prisons. To reduce the overcrowd, the British designed new settlement for the alleviation. The British claimed territory against the colonial powers. By this, they wanted to set up a British base in the worldwide south. However, the invasion consequence was a disease, which the British brought in the country. It was spread among the indigenous people. Due to this reason, the indigenous people brutally killed the British people, whereas the colonist offered the indigenous people foods with poison. This affected the indigenous a lot. As a result, sexual abuse and female exploitation occurred, which is the main reason of the sexual diseases. The sexual diseases transmitted to the aboriginal people. Moreover, disease like measles, influenza and small pox occurred in a wide range among the aboriginal people. Half of the indigenous people were killed by the influenza (Attwood & Markus, 2007). The children were forcefully detached from their parents in between 1910-1970. The other name of this detachment is Stolen Generation. Kevin Rudd sent an apology letter to the aboriginal people on 13 February 2008. The detachment also affected the indigenous people. They were emotionally broke down. However, the indigenous people fought against the British people to get freedom and most of the indigenous people lost their lives in the Warfield. The epidemic diseases made the indigenous people weak. Harris (2013) mentioned that in 19th century, the main reason of the death of the aboriginal people was small pox. First fleet listed the inventory of goods. However, there is a confusion that if the disease small pox was brought in Australia intentionally or by co incidence.

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It will help to demonstrate the understanding of the indigenous culture and their history. For the aboriginal people, the colonization provides severe pressure to be conventional to the Western policies. This may often result the loss of identity. The human dignity of the aboriginal people needs to be restored for Australia. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander Commissioner Former reinforced the requirements to save the human dignity. Colonization of Australia has a strong impact on indigenous people, who were the residential of that land over 60000 years. They became the subject of the colonial and racist policies. The settlers enforced them to be the subject. To restore and maintain the dignity it is necessary to restore the aboriginal culture. Calma (2006) mentioned that before the colonization, aboriginal people emerged in the community life by all aspects. They played community-based role and set up themselves in the cultural norms. With the raising colonization, the roles of aboriginal people decreases. The aboriginal people faced various issues regarding political, social and cultural that needs to be diminished. Their dignity became abolished with time. Governor Arthur Philip did not show any respect to the ancient culture of Australia that is not a good practice. The aboriginal people were excluded from the society and they became powerless. Australian aboriginal culture is the most ancient culture of world. However, the aboriginal culture is one of the oldest cultures that need to be protected. Moreton-Robinson (2015) mentioned that Australia is trying to reserve the dignity of aboriginal people, which takes much time. The requirement of restoration of the aboriginal culture needs assurance to maintain the dignity. Australia should provide more effort to restore their ancient culture for the development of the country (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2012). The government should provide self-determination to the aboriginal people so that they can get the territorial right of the political and legal organization.

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Behrendt (2012) mentioned that on 27 May 1967, the government conducted a referendum for determining the opinion of public on the aspects of constitution. It is seen that 90% of the Australian public vote for the changes in laws. Therefore, the government took the initiative to review and correct the constitution. After the referendum 1967, the condition of the Aboriginal people stated to develop as the law gave power to the indigenous people. They got the power to give opinion. Before the referendum, the condition of the aboriginal people was not stable and they did not have any power to give opinion. The amended laws helped the aboriginal people much. Moreover, the law provides power to the aboriginal people to participate in the national censuses. This allowed the commonwealth to make laws, which respected the indigenous people of Australia. Attwood and Markus (2007) stated that after that the government passed various laws in favor of the aboriginal people in Northern territory. The laws include Land Rights Act Healthcare. This referendum played a major role in the history of Australia. The referendum is the turning point for the aboriginal people of Australia. It is the symbol of rights, equality and justice towards the indigenous people. The referendum provided an opportunity to the aboriginal people to start over. Before the 1967 Referendum, Torres Strait islander and aboriginal people did not have any rights like other people of Australia. State controlled their lives and living style. They did not have the right to live according to their choice as well as they did not have rights on their own properties. State did biasness with them. For example, in a same job role the aboriginal people got less salary than others. Moreover, they did not have rights on their own children that are they were not allowed to get the local guardians for their children. It is unauthentic to detach a child from their parents. After the referendum, the aboriginal people got the right to take the responsibility of the children (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2012). Therefore, the referendum played a major role in the development of the aboriginal people.


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