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Credit Risk Measures of J.P Morgan Chase Bank and PNC Bank

Credit risk management functions in association with the business sections in recognising and evaluating the exposures across every line of business.

J.P Morgan Chase Bank

The measurement of credit in J.P Morgan Chase Bank is based on the potentiality of default of counterparty; the loss in the severity provided an event that is default. There are various measures that are undertaken by the company in order to mitigate the credit risk that would be beneficial for the development of the organization in the global economy. The various credit risk measures that have been undertaken by J.P Morgan Chase have been given below:

Scored exposure

The scored portfolio is specifically kept in CCB and is inclusive of the residential real estate loans along with the loans related to credit cards, various business banking and auto loans and student loans. In this kind of portfolio, the estimates of credit loss is based on the statistical evaluation of the credit losses over the period of 2012 to 2015 and are computed with the help of the portfolio modelling, decision support mechanism, credit scoring which looks in to loan extent factors like the credit scores, collateral values and various other risks ( 2017). The credit loss factors and the evaluation are upgraded on a quarterly basis and with respect to the situations as the market dictates.

Risk-rated exposure

These kind of portfolios are generally held in CIB, AM and CB and are even inclusive of the auto dealer loans and the business banking loans that are kept in CCB which are risk related as they have the features that are identical to the commercial loans. In this kind of exposures the credit losses are anticipated are dependent on the default probability and the severity of the losses (Bluhm, Overbeck and Wagner 2016). The assumptions and the calculation are reliant on the management information system and the methodologies that are always under continuous scrutiny. These are the measures that have been undertaken by J.P Morgan Chase Bank.

PNC Bank

The credit risk measures of PNC Bank have been integrated into the entire organization risks management governance model. The overall credit system of PNC includes widespread credit policies, underwriting that is judgmental and statistical in nature, detailed and frequent risk modelling and measurement, credit training program that is extensive and a continuous review of the loan (Friewald, Wagner and Zechner 2014). The management of PNC looks to create and maintain a loan portfolio that would permit it in order to meet their strategic goals of return by remaining within their appetite of risk ( 2017). The constituent of the credit risk management model has been credit concentration process of PNC with the help of which the organization maintains a restriction and supervises the credit exposure with the help of customers, industry and product etc. The risk concentrations are managed with the help of loan participations with the loan sales and third parties. PNC has even established guidelines for antisocial and non-performing loans, total borrower exposures and various other measures of credit to supervise the risk.

It has been observed that there has been a significant level of changes in the risk taking nature of the organizations due to the rise in competition in the market and changes in the economy as well. The banks have increased their risk taking abilities because with the advent of time various new guidelines and credit risk measuring models have been framed in order to monitor and mitigate the risk.

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