Film making in pakistan Essay

Film Making in Pakistan

Muhammad Umair Azam

Semester: Bs 6

Assigned by: Sir Ali Hassan

Department: Media Studies

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur


The aim of this research to note the cause, problems and difficulties of Pakistani film industry. The additionally to present recommend and for up lift proposal in the country. The quantitative research, gathering data through survey methods. The data was gathering through questions .The data was collected modern cites of four provinces of Pakistan e.g Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar through random sampling. The observe of the study release that most of the people looking Indian movies on daily bases , while giving liking to action and love stories were looking at home in exclusive position . The realize of the study explored that the cause of Pakistani film industry lacked of good writer, technical facilities , substandard direction , substandard production , substandard music , substandard acting and Indian exhibition , non representative of Pakistani society and same trend of film production. The in depth interview investigate that producer , writer , director , actor and cateress have pinpoint same element for downfall and better as less educational qualification , lake of finance , lake of new technologies and training staff for the indoor and outdoor production of the film in the country . The learn of study verified the objectives, hypothesis and the assumption of uses and Gratifition theory that people are show to media for their require and socio-culture satisfaction. It is also recommend to the above all factors become unfasten from the film industry it is maintain that the film industry of the country would be achieved the goals and objectives of the worker of film industry in Pakistan.

Keywords: Pakistan film industry of problems, causes and challenge


A film is a movie, motion picture, moving picture, or photoplay, is a series of still images that, when shown on a screen, create the illusion of moving images is called film.

In the present age, the well aware of the media and its inference .We also recognize what is its function and what for the purpose of media constructs .Although; we would debate here the importance of media. There is no reface the fact that media have became most important tools in the hand of governments to shape the opinion of community. It has change the thinking of the community. The term “Global Village ‘’ is used for the world only because of the media. We look at the history of the world, we observe that a large of non sensible tasked have been carried out with the media. The change of world, the viewer’s see at the causes whether it satisfactory or not, and then they accept or reject. That is why the media are arising with better environment of competition. People connect with this filed to known that if there is an apprehension , then the product automatically enhance and slowly we are able to provoke the best product. Every other day, new TV channels are being opened, which focus different aspects of lives. Today people not only look national news but also international news because regional, national and international news providing channels are convenient to them in bundle. The Sports channels are also there for those people who are indolent in sports. Someone can precise live sports which are played in any part of the world. The new surveys can show that local channels are also play very important role in the lives of people. The allot of channels is available, which are provided that totally religious programs and are satisfying the demands of the people who have a preference to watch religious programs. Economy and business sector, of coerce, a field which is impossible to ignore to them. Many of channels are there, instruction their audience about the business planning and economy. If we look about the media from the perspective of students, education and new methods of learning are most important for them. Now different channels are available for the education purpose. Most of universities have design their educational channels. Therefore, media are performing a very active role for educating, teaching, guiding and entertaining the people and given that awareness to the people. Now it is our obligation that we are critically think about the innovative changes in the media and work for development in this sector. Today media have become the most powerful tool of communication. It plays an important role in promoting the right things on the right time. It provides the masses with an opportunity to evaluate for themselves what is right and what is wrong. It is also illegal that the media is used to distribution fake news or tell half-truths to people, and there is also reality in it to some compass, but it is also true that the media is also helpful a lot of people to inform about of this reality . It must be termed a good role that different private TV channels, newspapers are playing fruitful and helping people understand the importance of the situation in any field of life. This valuable role on the part of the media has a long history. However, in this process the media have to face different difficulties and problems. The media have to face barrier in exploring the issues of society. This is a fight between good and evil and the media have been helping the people get justice. In the recent past, the media in Pakistan have more extend its reach. Media has become more vocal in raising human rights issues and forcing the authorities concerned to resolve these issues on priority. With the passage of time, almost all people are agreeing that there is an undeniable link between the media and people and the ways needed to solve their problems.

Literature Review:

Today films are now coming a new stage of their development as a mature organ of mass communication. The requests of the second "World War" tried the medium as at no other time and showed its extraordinary possibilities. Afterwards, both inside and outside the film business there is expanding observed that the films have an important part to play in social life and that the flexibility of the screen is important in light of what the "film" can do. To freedom note its responsibility, as the leaders in the motion picture industry have publicly agreed many times. The industry is having many pressure groups and all of them are sensitive about the screen portrayal of characters like themselves or of their likes. The economic essential of large audiences has made the industry desirous to please everyone. Wolcott Gibbs said that in the Review of Literature for November 17, 1945, “movies are an amazing mockery of life devoted to society in which anything is physically and materially possible, including perfect happiness, to a race of people who operate intellectually to the level of the New York Daily News, morally on that of Day-ton, Tennessee, and politically and economically in a total vacuum.”Many samples of supposed value-judgments were found common in the movies when the Institute for Propaganda Analysis did a study in 1938: The successful peak of a romance will solve most of the difficulty of the hero and heroine. To organize of the criminal and the crime problem is solved. The good life is the unsatisfied life, luxury, fine homes and automobiles, evening dress, swank, and style.”

Both Indian and Pakistani cinemas have general tradition of filmmaking. Bombay was the huge center of film production in the Subcontinent before Partition. However, some years after Partition, Lahore and Karachi began to engage investors, film producers and others to this field. In the beginning, commonality of traditions supreme the art of filmmaking in Pakistan. Gradually, differences in ideology, technical facilities and other characteristics of filmmaking began to ship the art of filmmaking in our country. Now days after 65 years, Hollywood and Hollywood are miles ahead in terms of quality production and viewership. Indian and Hollywood movies, filmmakers are far better than their Pakistani counterparts when it comes to technical input and hard work. This research is not aimed at comparing and analyzing difference between Indian and Pakistani films. There are some exclusive efforts of contribute regarding the film studies in Pakistan. In this respect, two books should be mentioned: Casein Greta’s Diamond Jubilee Film Directory and Mehta Gazer’s “History of Pakistani Cinema” (1947-1997). Mushthaq Gazer gives a global history of filmmaking in Pakistan during the first 50 years after Partition. On the other hand, Greta covers one hundred years of film in the Subcontinent. Sana Miner (2003) has conducted a study on story of “White and Colored women in Disney’s” animated movies. Sahara Hastie (2002) has to her name a study on the impress of violence in movies on children’s behavior. Muhammad Aye Khan (2001) has conducted a study “Comparison of Indian and Pakistan Movies -- Themes and Techniques”. Arched Ali (2011) note his study “the portrayal of women in Pakistani feature films, Urdu and Punjabi” Pakistan ranks amongst the top 10 movie production countries of the world. This has been energetically producing movies since 1947. Pakistani cinema has to face mass competition from the Indian cinema. There were two reasons: Firstly, there was language factor. Language used by the Indian cinema was the same that was being used by cinema on this part of the border. Secondly, 75 percent of the people involved in the movies production in Pakistan migrated to India after Partition. To some special efforts of certain celebrity, such as Madam or Johan, Shauna Husain Rive, W. Z. Ahmad, Agfa G. A Gull, Jadish An and, Sustain Frazil and many more, the Pakistani cinema was very bravely withstood the challenges from Bombay and stayed neck and neck with Indian cinema in quality and popularity for the decades to come. In 2003, Indian became the world’s largest film producing country with over 1",000 films a year. The new movies are rapidly ensured, bringing about extend of income in the film. Hollywood film makers may not get anything straightforwardly from Pakistan, further it has seriously affected the generally over-secured film.

Theoretical Framework:

The theory is a condition of simplification rearrange to help in precise in some little or a huge a piece of the "truth" around us... (Ker linger, 1976, cited in Naves, 2003).Theoretical framework specifies the relationship between designs in a study and gives a setting to see at the issue. Its ability is to give a theoretical instruction, under the light of which a specialist conducts explore to research.

The scientific research is a systematic, empirical and significant analysis of theoretical proposition regarding the supposed relation among the note phenomena. Almost research has some characteristic theoretical framework according to environment and objectives. This research is based on Uses and Gratification Theory, which is not only approach but a shape of approaches explore out of empirical studies start in the mid 20th century. It is one of numerous collecting of people opinion perceived in the medium Quail",(2004) said that the Uses and Gratifications Theory is a methodology to comprehension why individuals actively search out specific media outlets and substance for entertain purposes. The hypothesis how clients anxious hunt down media that won't just meet a given need however enhance learning, social collaborations and preoccupation. “It accepting that members of the audience are not passive but take an enervative role in interpreting and mesh media into their own lives. The theory also holds that audiences are responsible for choosing media to meet their demand. The analysis suggests that people use the media to fulfill specific relief. This theory would then involve that the media challenge against other information sources for viewers' gratification”. Bulmer and Katz (1974) also presented his concept on how the uses and fulfillment and effects approaches could be balance. You’ll notice that his point of view still centers responsibility for the control of effect with the buyer rather than the media. He wrote: By what means may guidance about media effect be created from charm? To begin with, we may hypothesize that cognitive revelation will encourage data choose up…. 2nd, media enjoyment for reason of preoccupation and deviation will support collect of people knowledge of view of social arranged and set up in entertainment resources… 3rd, contribution in media resources of particular personality reason is liable to impel reinforcement. The main part of studies in the employment and delight custom have attempt to answer the examiner in regards to the pleasure looked for and receive from the media by creating typologies of those enjoyment.

The main part of studies in the usage and captivate custom have attempt to answer the analysis in regards to the fulfillment see for and receive from the media by build typologies of those pleasure. These studies aim to arrange thoughts about why people choose certain media at different times and what kind of escapes their association with the media. The wide majority of these studies have consisted on reports toward oneself of cram part (palm green, 1984) through study and evaluation approach for surveying collecting of people entrance.

Research Methodology Objective of the Study:

The present study is conducted to analyses the following points of view;

• To find out the causes of rejection of film industry in Pakistan.

• To find out audience perception towards film turndown in the country.

• To purposeful the role of political variability in film industry.

• To check the audience perception about film production.

• To analyses the public interest stories in the Pakistani films.

• To find out the lack of technological equipments in the production area.


H1: It is more likely that people are not going to cinema due to the low standard of film production.

H2: Political irregularity is a major barrier in the way of Pakistani film industry.

H3: The technical expertise is the major cause of the destruction of Pakistani film industry.

H4: it is expected that Indian movies are the key factors of the reduce.

Research Questions:

The present study covers answer to the following research questions about the fall of Pakistani film industry.

I. What are the main causes of the drop of cinema in Pakistani film industry?

II. Is the political instability play role in the rejection of the Pakistani film industry?

III. How do government policies affect the film Industry?

Research Methodology:

The data was collected through random method. This researched used for both quantitative and qualitative method. As qualitative research the researcher did in-depth interview with film industry experts such as producers, directors, technical staff and good film and singers and musicians.

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