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Discuss about the Field Study of Cockington Green Gardens.



Field work or field research is a collection of information gathered from laboratory, library and workplace settings. Pierre Bourdieu played an inevitable role in the overall popularization of the fieldwork in sociology. The fieldworks are mainly aimed at the economic and social factors of the human society (Swift, 2017). In addition to this, he also proposed some theories on how the social agents operate (Ball, 2013). The report throws light on a field study of Cockington Green Gardens that is conducted with the aim of knowing the development, structure and the social life of a particular set of individuals within the give place, social interactions and patterns of relationships and the functioning of the human society, at large.


According to three and a half hour observation, we found that a total of thirty two people visited the Cockington Green Gardens after purchasing tickets. The ticket price is 19.5 Australian dollars per person and the family ticket is 45 Australian dollars for three people. Therefore, an observation made here is that the individual tickets are more costly than a family ticket of three persons. Around fourteen cars were there in the garden, which included two BMW, three Toyota, four Holden, one Ford, two Honda, one Audi and one Volkswagen. According to personal impression, the cars were quite classy and expensive. Therefore, it gives detailed information regarding the social status of the visitors present there.

I observed few statutes of the animals like ostriches and kangaroos represented the physical features present at the spot. There is a caf? beside the statues which gives an idea of embracing the overall importance of mother earth and in a way it is a tourist spot. Moreover, the colorful flowers and green plants within the caf?’s environments were being taken good care and in addition to this, the caf? offered good accommodation services. Furthermore, it offered very little carbonated drinks as it focused on natural ingredients more than artificial ones. In addition to this, natural milk ice creams were being served at the caf?. The parking lot was soiled rather than being cemented. Last but not the least; the caf? had more family visitors and old people in it, rather than the individual ones. It gave an impression that the caf? embraced togetherness and families more.


The Cockington Green Gardens is a sort of a park which had miniatures in it. It is basically a family owned property which has over four generation ownership. The overall setting of the park is purely based on nature and mother earth. The park is designed in such a way that it embraced a cool and composed environment that is very much necessary for fun, studying and also relaxing. Majority of the elements that was present in the garden are very much significant for interpreting the overall setting of the park. It consists of various miniature buildings of different styles and structures, designs and shapes.

Other features which attract the tourists are various statues of animals and birds, representing them as an inevitable part of mother earth. In addition to this, many trees and greeneries are present in the gardens, representing vegetation as well as plantation. The controllable machines which are present on the ground give a description of human involvement, improvement and innovation for Mother Nature. Moreover, many visitors were present at the spot, who gave an idea of the social statuses from where they belong. It offered an impression concerning the social life of human beings. This sort of gardens and miniature parks gives an idea of the evolution of human life and their involvement, improvement and innovation on mother earth.

Key actors

I observed that the types of people present there were mostly the family members rather than individuals. The ticket price for the family members is also less than the individual ones. This represented that the park embraced family members more than individuals or couples. In addition to this, the visitors mostly bought their own cars, which represented that they belonged to the higher class of the society. Moreover, the family members and their kids were very much consistent all throughout the observation. They were keen to know what was going on and participated in a positive manner and took an active part in it.


From our observations it can be interpreted that the Cockington Green Gardens was mainly being attended by the families as well as couples. The park however, gave special offers to the family members and it targeted a certain class of people. The families wanted their kids to learn something from the park surrounded by Mother Nature. The people present their almost belonged to the same social life pattern and structure, which symbolized wealth and people having some extra penny for leisurely activities. In addition to this, Cockington Green Gardens also provided some accommodation services which are only associated with the people belonging to the wealthy social status.

Furthermore, majority of the observations were made very closely in relation with the beauty of mother earth, nature, environment, ecology and agriculture as well. The green vegetation and plantations were surrounded by various trees and maize. Gardeners are also present at the spot, who takes good care and maintains the park, which highly represented the social life of the people living there. The park is well structured and it appreciates as well as accommodates the love for agriculture and nature as well. Other observables are the statues of various animals, farming machines, boats placed in cool water and others. The statues of kangaroos and other animals represented that they are a very important part of mother earth. The statues of farming machines and boats represented how human beings have evolved.


The observations that were being made in the entire project opened our minds and are considered to be very important for understanding the social life of human beings. It also helped us in gaining knowledge and experiences. It enabled us in understanding various aspects of life and moreover, it helped us in engaging into societal activities. The overall project proved to be beneficial for us.


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