Fasting social media Essay

I do not have a phone in my house, but I rely on my mobile phone to communicate with people. Mobile phones have evolved over the years, enabling them to make their first functions, not only the ability to make calls and exchange messages, but also used in photography, surfing the Internet, e-commerce, and other advanced uses.

Some of the benefits of the mobile phone to me personally: create an atmosphere of love and social networking, and reassurance of loved ones and relatives through calls or text messages and voice. Meet a lot of home needs, if the house is missing something, my wife or a family member calls me to bring this thing. My personal support via a lot of information such as news, sports, scientific, technical and other useful information. Exploit messages to guide friends and family. The mobile phone has developed its ability to access the world of Internet and online shopping, browse various websites, manage my own bank account, the ability to identify my personal location on maps, enjoy watching TV shows, movies, miscellaneous books, and multi-player games. Increased communication between me and my fellow employees, saving time and effort in getting some information, deals and business needs. Use messages to call for parties, events, and many different occasions. Usually, I do not feel more fulfilled because of sharing more of myself . Moreover, I am limited because I don’t have the “safety” of a screen. My use of Social Media is limited to Twitter, Facebook and Watts-app with my group of friends(in group).Without racism, separation in religions, or difference between young and old.

Twitter is a social networking that allows me to send a 280-character short message through the web browser, application, or phone, through which my personal photos or news about the various events are published, so that I can know what is happening all over the world. On the other hand, Twitter gives me the opportunity to express my feelings to the world, and to identify people who have been interested in reading my messages or twittering and mutual interests(co-culture). Acquiring knowledge, where Twitter presents useful content and knowledge, resulting from the diversity of users, friends, family, researchers, journalists, etc. There is an entertaining aspect that reflects the interests of people and promotes them to their own pages, in order to entertain and get away from boredom. Education, where I can use Twitter in education by sending tweets containing details about homework, including important sources or web pages that can be used for understanding my class, stating the due date for completing assignments, and communicating with my instructors.

For Facebook, having a custom space on my profile page allows different messages, contact with friends and relatives in remote locations. A window to inform and publish various news as it happens and expressing my opinion on events in the world or in any area of life. Search for a friend or relative I missed a long time ago and no longer link them, can Find him by searching for his name on Facebook. Poke is a feature that allows me to excite and alert other users. Photo feature that enables me to upload photos or albums from their devices to the site. Using privacy settings and other applications such as news feeds, upcoming events and birthdays of my friends, Facebook comments, gift feature, market feature and other applications.

It allows me to send free messages to all over the world without paying any fees, through which I can continuously communicate with my friends and share their photos, videos, files, social events, My place, the life events that confront me, to communicate well with a large and vast number of individuals, arrange for meetings and visits. Facebook is a medium's capacity to convey information and promote


Whats-App, allows me to send free messages to all over the world without paying any fees, and through which I can communicate continuously with my friends, a large number of individuals and share our photos, videos, files, social events, where I am, events of life, meetings and visits.

Before I try to stay away from social networking sites, I have to make some preparations, especially removing social networking applications from my mobile phone as well as the psychological readiness to move from virtual life to real life.

First day",Time passes slowly, I feel isolated from the world, I suffer a lot from the lack of social networking sites, and I feel that I have left life by surprise. I have the ideas to leave that challenge and go back to surf social networking sites. But, I decided not to pay attention to all those ideas, and going ahead with my challenge. I wake up early in the morning because I slept early, I could not find anything to follow, I have a fun meal with the sunrise and the sound of the birds, it would be a different morning anyway. I was thinking of a substitute for the virtual connection that I decided to stay away from and find my friends in the ground. I need to do phone calls with my colleagues, friends and relatives. I have the opportunity to think about myself and travel inside to look at the past and evaluate it. I can see my future dreams better. I can accurately define my goals, evaluate my successes and failures. The sense of my closeness and knowledge more, and allow me to reflect and travel within.

Second day, I need to meet my knowledge and human communication on the ground, not by default, and it will appear to you at first it is a strange feeling. I can feel the features of my face, not electronic symbols sent from my face and rigid profiles.I can know that human relations are those that interact on the ground, not have a face Frosted features and feelings. Icy face does not say anything about the owner.

I feel closer to my family, relatives with spiritual warmth. find the time to have a meal with my family without putting my face on my mobile phone screen. feel the taste of food mixed with the warmth of the love of family members around me and feel that I regained my childhood. Communicate with my friends as if before the technological progress and the emergence of social networking sites that made the atmosphere cool in human relations that made them based on the number of admirers, re-Twitter and the participation of my publications.

Third day, find that I have a lot of time that can be exploited and the luxury of splitting it up as I like. Also, find that I can exercise, read and practice my old hobbies, besides having plenty of time to write down my dreams, goals and future plans.

I feel that I have reached the maximum balance in my life. I have human relations on the ground, a balanced normal family relations. I feel the warmth of the spirit and the time to exercise my various activities. I can finish my work, accumulations and duties that I am required to accomplish by the end of the third day. With psychological stability and spiritual happiness due to limiting my use of social networking sites. So, I decided to leave It from time to time.

When I moved away from Social Media, I expected to get a lot of contacts from my friends and followers, especially the group that was attracting my attention through their comments about friendship(Salience). But, unfortunately I received only three calls from my mother, my brother, and the last contact was wrong from someone I do not know. I was not able to have conversations that “meandered” in a new way.

Indeed, I felt confused and surprised as I was constantly asking, complimenting everyone and I expected to be reciprocated. It was a negative response that I felt was resistant to seeing or talking to me. Maybe they do not have enough time for me and it will be the same as my reaction to them. Despite others in my life are so dependent on technology that the lines are blurred between face-to-face interactions, they do not act like they want to be with me in live interactions. I assume that they are tied to their phones under the guise of spending time "together".

After this fasting, I knew that Social Media made the world smaller than it looked. Because they are free and do not impose any conditions or restrictions for their users, these sites have become a haven for all classes of society and no longer confined to a certain class. Available all the time, unleashes its visitors to spread ideas, images, videos, etc., Combines a mix of divergent views. But the question that touches my mind” is our digital identity the same as our true identity?”.

There is no place for idealism and perfection more than social networking sites, where there is no place for profanity, and ugliness. Everyone checks hard his cases and phrase selection, increase here and less there, to praise himself and show his advantages. Here everyone has a wonderful life without distinguishing between the learner and the ignorant, the good and the bad, all gathered together and cheered for her, In the pursuit of perfection, we earns by additional counterfeiting. social media reveal these the hidden aspect of hypocrisy and schism in our personalities.

Perhaps the most important motives behind the creation of this gap between the real life and virtual reality, I find tradition, the multiplicity of counterfeiting and fabrication that one sees within these sites can be entered into real psychological conflicts, which feel inferiority and self-contempt.

Certainly, friendships on the Internet are different, unique, and have many positive aspects of dating outside the borders of the country. But these friendships do not last long; because they rely on talking only, true friends are living with us all the details of our lives, And we can share with them hobbies and even the details of normal life. Really, my communication is different with others when I add “richer” components of being able to see, hear, and even hug the other person as It increases my happiness and satisfaction level.

Finally, I have benefited greatly from this experience, which I thank Professor Ellen. I have decided to have a limited number of friends on the media. I will do my best to move away from this imaginary world and run away from it to the real world with my family and friends.

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