"Fashion and writing"- The Fashion Institute of Technology Admissions Essay

TOPIC:why is you an ideal candidate for FIT? Exactly why are you enthusiastic about the major you're trying to get? This is your opportunity to tell us regarding the achievements, experiences, and activities.

Every individual has a passion in life. My passion consist of fashion and writing. Looking back into once I was a kid, the moments I treasure probably the most were whenever my moms and dads brought house books for me personally. I became so fascinated by terms and means they affected me in different emotional methods. My personal favorite childhood book, the small motor That Could, ended up being one of the books that affected me personally many. The book depicts a story of just a little motor, although surrounded by numerous big engines, fearlessly pulls most of the vehicles as much as the mountain because he believed that he could. The way the terms illustrated the scene and ethical associated with the story brought rips to my eyes. I happened to be astounded and relocated by just how much terms make a difference an individual. Likewise, fashion ended up being also an extremely big part inside my adolescent and teenage years. On a daily basis, I happened to be able to articulate and communicate myself though the way we dress. Fashion allowed me personally to own my very own unique personality, become somebody various — some one i possibly couldnot have been with no circumstances that clothes allowed me personally to convey my individuality. Easily could combine these two areas together, as done into the marketing and advertising Communications within Fashion Institute of Technology, I would personally have the ability to pursue a vocation that I adore: writing and designing advertising and editorial promotions the fashion industry.

In five years, I envision myself working at a fashion magazine company as a fashion editor or at an agency like Saatchi and Saatchi or BBDO. As of this moment, we just take courses in Italian and Art History, compose every day, and read fashion blog sites and study magazines relentlessly. Because I am thinking about this industry, on a monthly basis we save up money to buy fashion periodicals. Skimming through pages of American Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, and Marie Claire, I realized what I wished to do. Every time we have a new dilemma of these mags, I go through each mag thoughtfully, taking a look at all the editorials, and reducing pictures of clothes, cosmetic makeup products, stories, etc. that we find interesting and interesting. Then I would paste these images within my method on construction paper and I would write my personal article just as if I were actually designing a typical page for a magazine. Each and every time i really do this, I'm able to inform that is exactly what i wish to do with my life. I enjoy and love how campaigns effect all of us in diverse means; that's what I want to do — i do want to be able to create and create campaigns that talk to not only one particular type of person, but to numerous audiences. And what better way rather than combine that with fashion? Fashion allows a person to specify their or herself through clothes, accessories, and cosmetic makeup products. I'd want to combine both of these areas into one, where I'm able to design advertisement promotions of these types of services and products- expressing to a lot of audiences why they should purchase the item.

One thing that stands out about FIT in comparison with other schools is that the college allows one to begin his / her major when he or she steps through the doorways. FIT is also really notable for employing trained experts in the industry to teach the pupils. Providing more helpful information and offering the pupils an insight because specific job, pupils need more understanding of exactly what it is like in the market. I know that the coursework at FIT is tougher than those of other universities, and I have always been prepared and in a position to take on the tasks which will be put in my direction. What I could possibly offer FIT is my unique thought processes while the countless tips in my head. I can and will be capable submit my very own concepts and notions on how best to better or make something innovative and relatable to a lot of audiences. Although I didn't have the opportunities for internships at magazine or advertising businesses, I want to attain internships during my studies at FIT. Using the impressive resumes of internships that I will gain from FIT, I will land work within the career of my option, without doubt.

In general, FIT could be the perfect school for me because it enables me personally to have the appropriate education i have to go into my field of preference. Similarly to the way plants count on water and sunlight to bloom, FIT is my sunshine and water, and will also be the inspiration where i'll be in a position to prosper.

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