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Farmer-The Backbone of Asia. Asia is an agricultural nation. India lives in villages. The villagers rely on agriculture. They're either farmers or workers on agricultural areas. Ours companies and urban business also depend on agriculture. Thus, an Indian farmer undoubtedly represents India. He can be called the son regarding the soil and also the backbone of Asia. It is on his sweet and labour which our progress and prosperity rely. Everybody knows that our backbone gives us help to your human body. If one thing becomes to the backbone we will suffer numerous dilemmas.

In sameway farmers are reported to be backbone of India. If one thing will become to farmer then India are affected numerous dilemmas. He supports united states by producing all basic meals requirements like grains,vegetables,milk,etc. Which we need within our daily life. It really is he whom feeds and clothes individuals. An Indian farmer is quite hardworking and very busy throughout the year. For him there isn't any sleep nor weekend holidays. He's involved in tilling the soil, sowing the seeds, watering the areas, reaping and harvesting the crop after which taking it towards market to sell it.

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And yet he is inadequate. He's being exploited by the money-lenders while the middleman. He is not able to recover their money spent during the harvesting period. His needs are few and simple and easy yet they are not met. Their exploitation should be stopped. They should be distributed agricultural land. They must be offered cheap loans and other facilities. They must be offered better seeds, fertilizers and return for their produce. The irrigation facilities ought to be enhanced.

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