Factors Of Victorian Trades Hall Architecture Essay


Discuss about the Victorian Trades Hall Architecture.



The assignment is prepared on Australian architecture and the socio political factors influencing the Australian architecture is analyzed for the preparation of the report. The history of the Australian architecture is evaluated and the orientalism in the architecture and the structural engineering is also analyzed for the preparation of the assignment.

History of Australian Architecture

In the 19th century the Australian architecture have rich traditions. The European design was followed for designing the government buildings and homes. Gothic Revival Architecture was used for designing the churches which includes pointed arches, battlements the gothic revival architecture can also be found in the banks and university buildings[1]. The Victorian architecture was followed in the time period of 1850 to 1893 and it displays the prosperity and the ornate decorative features and lavish decorations[2]. While entering the 20th century the architectural design changed and the idea of style of our own came into play. The modernist style was used for designing the building and they were made attractive.

Orientalism in Architecture

The orientalism in the Australian architecture is important and the structure and the engineering used for the development of the building are evaluated for confirming the basic rules followed for designing the building. The colonial culture followed in Australia with the ideologies and the raciest supremacy was followed for the construction of the building[3]. Exotic and derivative styles were followed for designing the structure and the culture of the people played an important role for the creation of the architectural design.


It can be concluded that the Victorian trade hall was developed as an Australian trade union building and the building was build following a parliament style. The assignment is prepared contextualizing the Victorian trade hall with the history of the Australian architecture and orientalism in Australia.


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