Factors Affecting Of Essay For Early Leaving From University


Discuss about the purpose of this essay is the factors affecting student’s decision for early leaving from university.



Background information: For the psychological researchers, one of the prime topics of research interest is ascertaining the associated factors that underlying the academic success of the students. Transition from college level to university level of education is associated with several changes. The first change is increase in academic criticality, study pressure, performance pressure and other associated activities like dissertation preparation and assignment preparation (Bewick, Koutsopoulou, Miles, Slaa & Barkham, 2010). Among this high academic pressure there are other changes too, like change in the internal academic environment, change in the friend circle, change in need from life, tension to succeed in life and to have established career, change in decision making skills, social survival skills and problem solving skills (Bewick et al., 2010). The following essay aims to provide a comparative analysis of whether good academic skills or social skills promotes academic success or combination of both is essential for all the students who are now passing through the college to university level transition. The main argument will be based on the study conducted by Richardson et al. (2012).

Definition of key term(s): The key terms used in the study of Richardson et al. (2012) include social skills and academic skills. Both this terms will act as two important variables in this argumentative essay. According to Richardson et al. (2012), social skill is defined as a set of skills that encompass sense of self awareness, acceptance of others cultural values, having control over personal emotions and establishment of good interpersonal relationships. Academic skill is defined as set of skill that mainly involves study skill, digital capability, critical thinking skills, writing skills presentation skills and ability to perform under academic pressure.


It will be argued that whether social skills and personal skills are more important that academic skills in order to achieve academic success during the transition phase of the college students to the university level.

Topic Sentence: The purpose of this essay is the factors affecting student’s decision for early leaving from university

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The study conducted by Glogowska, Young and Lockyer (2007), highlighted that study skills are importance to increase the overall academic performance of the university students and thereby increasing retention. Important study skills include time management, working on the memory power, revising and taking notes. Glogowska, Young and Lockyer (2007) is of the opinion that proper practice of the academic skills helps in the achievement of the academic success and this success in the academic domain helps to gain confidence and mental strength which promotes smooth college to university level transition and increases the retention rate among the students in the university. At the end, Glogowska, Young and Lockyer (2007) recommended increase support from the students from the teachers for the improvement of retention.

Topic Sentence: Thriving or just surviving? Exploring student strategies for a smoother transition to university. A Practice Report

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The study conducted by Richardson et al. (2012) highlighted that the students who are in the first year of their university level education pass through a significant transition phase. It is the time when they are required to learn academic skills along with social and independent living skills. Proper practising of academic and social skills helps the student to balance the competing demand of in the academic career along with handling other turmoils in their personal life. Proper balance in the personal and the professional life helps in the maintenance of health and well-being which further increases the overall academic performance. The comparative study conducted by Richardson et al. (2012) between “thriving” and “just surviving” students at the university level showed that the “thriving students are more socially, emotionally and intellectually engage with the university level curriculum. Whereas, “just surviving” students are more isolated and overwhelmed. Richardson et al. (2012) finally concluded that the non-academic skills like interpersonal skills and social relationships and coping strategies and stress management are as important as academic skills and help in successful integration into the new environment of the university.

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Topic Sentence: Understanding student’s transition phase to the university on the basis of prevailing social, personal and environmental surroundings

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The study conducted by Leslie et al., (1999) initiates via describing the challenges faced by the students during their transition from the college to the university level. The mismatch between the pre-transfer aspiration of the students and the reality creates the problems in coping up with the changing environment. This change increases stress among the students compelling then to become victim of drug abuse and lack of proper physical activity further increases the harm. The paper suggests that apart from good academic and social skills proper support coming from the university teachers and the senior students is also helpful in achieving the academic success under the changing environment. This assistance and support must come in the form of establishment of collaborative environment when new joinees will be welcomed and will be assisted in each step in order to overcome hurdles. Other interactive approaches like debates or social programs will help to increase the effective relationships between the professors, seniors and the newly enrolled students. This will not only promote effective communication and the intrapersonal skills but will also promote an adaptive environment for smooth transition while ensuring academic success.


Thus from the above discussion obtained from the analysis of the three papers it can be concluded that the both social and academic skills are important in order to achieve the academic success. Moreover, proper assistance from the professors and the senior students under an interactive and collaborative environment will help the newly enrolled university students to cope up with their transition phase to new university environment along with achievement of the academic success.

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