Exascale Computing And Big Data Essay


Discuss about the Exascale Computing and Big Data.



The paper illustrates the importance of advanced computing in context with “Exascale Computing and Big Data. Big data is defined as processes which are utilized in traditional data mining system whereas Exascle computing assists in various computing systems which are generally capable of one exaFLOPS (Loghin et al., 2015).


Advanced computing is defined as a system, which helps in embodying various software, hardware as well as algorithm for providing highest capability at any time. It is divided into two sections, which include Scientific Computing and Data analytics (Lucas et al., 2014). The advanced computing also faces number of challenges, which includes the research as well as development in context with Exscale computing, and big data is quite expensive (Riedel, 2015). The challenges are also present in the field of power consumption, power failures unreliability and many more.

There are different types of hardware as well as architectural challenges, which include post demand scaling as well as energy efficient and resilience at scale. Other challenges are due to improper energy management as well as thermal dissipation. Various examples help in illustrating the opportunities (Wang &Raicu, 2014). Advanced computing helps in diagnosing various types of human disease, it is helpful in achieving different processes as well as exchange mechanism.


It can be concluded that high data analytics as well as Exascale computing are very much important element for an integrated computing. It has been identified that research as well as development are used in different applications of advanced computing.


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