Evolution of communication devices changes one’s perspective with respect to the self Essay

As reported by VTV online newspaper (2018), 72 percent of Vietnamese people own smartphones leading to high frequency of media communication and habit of mobile gaming. Moreover, the average time of a Vietnamese person at the age from 16 to 30 spent on phone use is 2.2 hours per day which is equivalent to 15.4 hours a week, or more than one month a year, according to a survey of Connected Life project conducted by Taylor Nelson Sofres. Thus, it seems that more and more Vietnamese people nowadays are bound to communication devices. As a result, this will probably change people’s perception of the Self and also have effects on the interaction with other ones.

In the period of technology, we often dabble in the lifestyle of freedom and self-assertion. For instance, whenever completing work or gaining an achievement, it is usual that we update one or several posts on the Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for other people to know so as to affirm the success and the Self. Subsequently, we might glory more and more in ourselves if many friends comment on the posts or send messages to give us praise. Furthermore, some of us show the virtual Self in a irresponsible way to attack each other. In specific, when anyone with an outstanding phenomenon or event appear on the social network, there are always lots of individuals called “keyboard heroes” or “keyboard warriors” immediately comment and criticize those people in mostly negative words in order to express the ego. Many of us also post all types of private stories on the online account, then they are irresponsibly discussed by “keyboard heroes”, whom we even do not know.

Besides, media devices have made us a move from presenting our true self to creating identities based on the answers to the questions such as “How can other people judge me?”, “How can I know that others look at me positively?” or “In which way can I become a person that everyone likes?”. For many of us now, the purpose of using social media is to find the way helping us express the virtual identity and get the acceptance, popularity and status by means of the presented biography and regular posts. Consequently, that transference in the Self, from internality to externality, is not good for us both as individuals or as a society.

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