Everything you need to know about beekeepers Essay

We wouldn't think how much we thank to the bees.

It is not enough to take care of human nutrition as they fertilize countless plant species, including lots of cereals, with their hard work, and even they produce more materials in their hives that have an incredibly positive effect on the human body.

Of course, we can benefit from these products, thanks to the beekeepers.

In our article we would like to show you what extraordinary nutritional supplements our beekeepers offer us and what they can be used for.

If you are thinking of a beekeeping field and want to deal with the sale of additional bee products beside honey, so you want to promote a healthy lifestyle with your work, then this article is for you.


The pollen is actually the sperm of the plants, which through the wind, rain or various animals, such as the uterus, passes through the flowers to fertilize it.

Part of this pollen is collected by the bees and shaped from small granules, transported to the hive on their hind legs. The beekeeper takes these granules from the uterus with a narrow grid.

Raw pollen is practically a panacea, as it has many beneficial effects on the human body.

First of all, it is one of the most perfect source of protein, since it contains 20 of the 22 amino acids essential for protein formation.

In addition, it is a great immuno-enhancer, it helps to detoxify the body, regulates digestion, as it restores the intestinal flora, helps the liver to function properly and normalizes cholesterol .

Because of its high antioxidant content, it has a beneficial effect on skin , hair and nails, thus delaying the appearance of the first signs of aging.


What is the best remedy for colds? Well, what else would be like honey tea.

And if you have honey tea, then it is clear that the acacia honey will jump first .

This honey type is perhaps the best known all over the world. Drink a cup of honey tea in case of cold, because acacia honey is a very good immune booster, detoxifying and disinfecting, and even cough suppressant .

Of course, in general, the benefits of honey are well known to everyone, many have already formulated what is good for everything.

Note that although it is healthier than sugar, it also fattening, so we need to be careful home much we consume.

Interesting : Never put honey in hot tea. Let's wait until it cools down, add the honey, and then drink it, because the high heat causes the valuable materials to be wasted.


Propolis is a sticky substance collected by bees from the buds, branches of trees and used to protect the hive. With this material, it penetrates the gaping gaps of the hive and also protects it from bacteria because it has a disinfectant effect.

However, propolis is not only valuable to bees but also to humans.

In addition to its high content of vitamins and minerals, it is a natural immune boosting agent for many diseases.

Many studies have already confirmed the positive effect of propolis on the human body, and it has also been shown to be a powerful fungus, bacteria, and antiviral preparation, so it is a stubble prepared by bees to kill many kinds of bacteria and viruses.

Researchers have shown that propolis has a positive effect on various bowel infections, gynecological diseases and oral complaints such as gingivitis.

Externally, it is a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory, as well as a great wound healer.

Benefits of Propolis

One particular good feature of Propolis is that it is effective against harmful bacteria, but it does not destroy beneficial bacteria.

In some cases, it is almost useful as antibiotics, since propolis has the property that it is effective against harmful bacteria, but it does not destroy beneficial bacteria.

Usually we can buy alcoholic solution, ie tincture, but also sell dried propolis.

If you want to use tincture as an immune enhancer, the beekeepers recommend 20-30 drops a day, but are strictly dripped onto some food, such as honey, cubes, biscuits.

Because it does not dissolve in liquid, it is less recommended to put it in tea and water , as the solution goes out to the edge of the glass, so a few drops are wasted.

Of course, as with any other natural healing product, it is advisable to consult a physician before using propolis, especially if you want to use it to treat a disease.

Royal jelly

Another bee product of bees is the bee jelly, which is a milky secretion of their thymus glands.This is practically the queen's diet throughout her life.

Beeswax is also a complex composition. As mentioned above, it also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Excellent immune boosters, researchers have proven that it helps to regulate hormone management, reduce insulin resistance, and improve memory . In some cases, it may be effective against infertility.

It is also used in cosmetics as it promotes collagen formation , and the nutrients in the bee colourant have skin renewal properties.

The recommended daily dose is usually 1 gram but ask about the exact dosage where you buy it.

As a general rule, store it in a refrigerator and, if possible, use wood or plastic spoons instead of metal.

Usually it is suggested not to swallow the royal jelly immediately, but keep it under the tongue for 5 minutes, because the valuable substances are absorbed much faster and more efficiently from the oral mucosa than from the stomach.

Many healthy food supplements are due to bees and beekeepers. We hope our article has brought you this interesting profession!

Many thanks to bees and beekeepers working with them.

Hopefully, these natural nutritional supplements will become an increasingly large market in the future , as we and our environment can only do a good job of suppressing the use of artificial medicines.

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