Every day is a new beginning Essay

Up until three years ago when I was in seventh grade, I used to have a problem; instead of focusing on finding solutions to my problems, I focused on worrying about them and unlike most people, I didn’t have the answers to my problems even when I woke up from sleep. I used to keep procrastinating and worrying about assignments that I didn’t like from the get-go without even attempting to do them until the last minute. But when seventh grade started, I felt very motivated, so I started planning out my schedule but was soon disappointed to find out that I wasn’t getting work done fast enough to stay on track. I started thinking about what was wrong with my plan and shortly discovered the issue.

Sleeping is one of the most important things necessary for the mind and body, therefore, it requires a clear and stress-free mind to properly relax. By stressing about my problems all day, I used to overwhelm myself even when I was in a sub-conscious state which made an impact on my decision-making abilities. As soon as I started clearing out my mind at night before sleeping, I noticed a great improvement in my overall judgment. I have since realized that it is very important to get rid of any worries before going to sleep so the next day is a new day. If done properly, sleeping is like a reboot button for our brain allowing us to think faster and efficiently.

I recently got an assignment in European History requiring me to investigate current event in Europe and type up a report about it. I have personally never been interested in European News so had I received this assignment three years ago, I would have procrastinated and waited to start until the last night before the due date. Instead, this time I went to sleep with the assignment in mind and when I woke up, I knew exactly what to do: Yellow Vest Protests. So now whenever I have to make a choice: essay topics, project ideas or writing prompts, I go to sleep with a clear mind except for focusing on that one thing I want to find a solution to. This method has always worked for me because then in the morning I wake up not only feeling that it is a brand new day but also with an answer.

I have come a long way using this skill because I always know that no matter how worse my day has been, I can put everything aside at the end of the day and worry about it later when I have better chances of coming up with a good decision. The peace of mind I have as a result of being able to renew myself every day is extremely helpful in maintaining my emotional health, therefore, for me, every day is a new beginning.

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