Evaluation Of Online And Physical Store Essay


Write an Internal Document Memo based on your findings.


To: The CEO (Silk Road furnishing)


Date: 23/09/2017

Sub: Effectiveness of offline and online shop

Dear Sir,

In reference to your request of evaluating the effectiveness of the online and offline stores, I have conducted an observation survey in Coles. Coles is being selected due to the reason that they have the presence in both online and offline retailing and they are operating it effectively. The research was being designed in such a way that it has denoted the advantages being possessed from both the online and physical store. I have also shortlisted the activities that they have designed specifically for the online and physical stores. The research is been done by visiting the store of Coles and observing the trend in their online marketplace.

In the initial stage of their operation in Melbourne and Sydney, Coles started with their physical store only. It helped them to cater to the customers effectively. It is been observed that, providing service from their physical store helped them in determining the requirement of the customers effectively. Providing of effective customer service through the salesperson is only being applicable in the case of physical stores. Thus, the customers tend to have favorable impression about the brand. This is not applicable in the case of online stores. Thus, Coles initiated their physical stores in the initial stage of their operation. It helped them in generating the initial brand equity from the market. Afterwards, they came up with the online store to extend their already established market. Thus, online store for them acted as complimentary to their physical stores.

Another advantage being possessed by Coles from their physical store is the providence of touch and feel to the customers. This is more effective for Coles due to the reason that, they operate in the consumer goods category and thus, customers tend to have the access of touch and feel before taking their buying decisions. Thus, through their physical store, Coles is providing their customers the touch and feel of their products. This feature is also not being available in the online store. Moreover, the initiation of spot discounts and offers can be offered to the customers. Providing offers and discounts are one of the key marketing activities for the retail organizations such as Coles. Thus, through their physical store, they are effectively driving these marketing activities.

However, from their presence in the online market also, they are gathering favorable outcomes from the market. As discussed earlier, the online store for Coles came after the establishment of their physical store. Thus, it helped them in extending their existing market in the Melbourne and Sydney. Moreover, the market reach of their physical store is limited to the area of the Sydney and Melbourne. However, with the initiation of the online store, their market reach covered the outskirts also. Customers having the knowledge of their physical store but cannot visit due to the distance factor, availed their online facility. The numbers of targeted audience also get increased.

Online store of Coles also helps them in offering more diverse and large range of products to the customers. This is possible in the case of their physical store. This is due to the reason that, Coles is having huge product portfolio, which is not possible for them to display all in their store. However, on the other hand, the online store of them displays their entire product portfolio. It is being noticed that Coles has done an effective job in complying their Omni channel presence. Due to this reason, several customers visit their physical store in order to have the access of touch and feel and order the products afterwards according to their convenience and requirement. On the other hand, some other customers search and select their required items from the online store and visit the physical store to have that touch and feel of that particular product. Thus, the average time being consumed in the physical store for the customers is being reduced.

Therefore, from the conducted research, it can be concluded that, Coles has effectively implemented the strategy for their physical and online store. In the case of the Silk Road Furnishing also, it is being recommended that, an effective Omni channel marketing policy should be initiated in order to manage both medium efficiently. It will help the organization in targeting the entire available market and providing the highest level of convenience to the customers.

It is being expected that this survey research will help you in determining the effectiveness of both the medium. Accordingly you can decide your own strategy. Please feel free to contact me in case of any clarification.

Thanks and Regards.

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