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The report puts forward the scenario of a school, which is facing an issue related to the information security. The report puts forward the concept of all the technologies that can be implemented for the purpose of securing the data and the information of the school. With the advancement in technology, the various organizations are looking forward to opting an automated process for the purpose of security. The security is a sensitive issue that needs to be addressed in a proper manner for the protection of the various sensitive data that are present. The security of the data and the important files of the organization is the most important part and more stress is given on this part in all the organizations. Following the old formal form of security measures can pose a great amount of risk of the system being hacked. The technologies have advanced and as a result of which the previous technologies that were used can be hacked. The use of old technologies poses the threat that the hackers with the passage of time have found solutions to the get into the systems of the organizations using the old technologies. The school uses the system, which is said to be working in a proper manner (Holtfreter et al. 2016). However, there are chances of the system being hacked. As a result, newer technology of artificial intelligence can be chosen as a method to strengthen the security measure of the school. The use of artificial intelligence would involve the automatic securing of the server of the school. The use of artificial intelligence would also help in not only securing of the server of the school but also the network through which the various data transfer and transactions are taking place.

Development of Security Policy:

The information security is the protection of the data and the other important files from reaching the hands of the unauthorized users. Information security may involve the use of firewalls, keyloggers or some other form of technologies in order to protect the data from being accessed by any outside user. The information security concept helps in the protection of the various forms of data (Rittinghouse and Ransome 2016). The use of the information security will help in the identification of the threat and then provide the solution form the removal of the threat. The use of the information security concept involve the use of the various policies, combining which a strong network of security system can be formed. The policy that can be involved for securing the server and the network of the school is the use of artificial intelligence technology. The use and implementation of the artificial intelligence technology would involve the protection of the important information of the school in an automatic manner. The concept of artificial intelligence implement the concept of machine learning, which responds to the cyber security issues in an efficient manner.

The machine learning helps in identification of the risk in an easy manner and helps get rid of the problem. The machine learning process can compare the various data and put forward the various solutions for the solving of the issue that has arose in the organization. In this case, there can be a number of solutions corresponding to the various problems, which can be stored in the school system. If any problem or cyber security attack takes place then the machine learning technology can compare the various data of the solutions that are present in the system. The help of big data technology can store the data. As the number of and the number of solution is huge the use of big data technology has to be made in order to store the information (John Walker 2014). Based on the data that are compared by the machine learning technology, the best solution is put forward. The policy would help the school in safeguarding the various information about the school and the protection of the database of the students of the school. The use of the old interface and the old technologies would be open to attack from the outsiders. The use of the most recent form of interface would help in the prevention of the hackers from attacking the system of the school.

Planning and Design of the Security Policy:

The information security requires a proper planning and a proper design as to what software has to be allotted to it based on the requirements. There are a number technologies which can be used. Here the use of artificial intelligence has been made as the major technology instrument. The other technologies that are involved are the use of the big data technology for the storage of the large amount of data (Peltier 2016). The other technology may involve the use of machine learning, which will compare these various data and give the best possible solution for a particular problem. For the purpose of cyber security and the prevention of the hacker from accessing the system of the school by the use of security credential the use of cloud computing technology can also be made. The use of the various technologies should be decided at the time of the design. The planning of how to implement the various technologies helps in the proper implementation once the system has been hacked or the hacker is trying to hack. For instance, the use of the artificial intelligence can be made in order to predict the type of error that will occur and to put forward the solution for that (Rehman and Saba 2014). The use of the machine learning can be made in case of any issue that is taking place, which has occurred earlier. The machine learning technology will be helpful for the purpose of the removal of the issue by the comparison with the previous solutions. All these are a part of the information security and can be implemented under information security for the purpose of securing the confidential data and the information.

Threats and attack that can be managed:

The most common form of threat that may occur is the software threat. Many of the organization face software threat and many banks have been facing the attacks. The school can face the software attack, which can lead to the loss of information (Sharma, Khurana and Singh 2016). The school has emerged as one of the best school. The school has its own strategy for the development and the growth. If the information about the plans and the strategies are leaked to any of the person then the other schools or the organization may grow following these strategies. The use of the information can also be made in other ways as identity theft. The identity theft may be used by the person to carry out various malicious activities. For these reasons the information security should be strong and secure enough. The other rival schools may look to destroy the systems of the school or tamper with the information of the school present in the website in order to shut down the school.

The use of the various techniques are made to get into the system of the school and may get the various bank details or hamper the transactions that are taking place (Lafuente 2015). By getting the database of the teachers and the students and the various personal details a number of activities may be carried out by the process of the identity theft. Moreover, as the school is looking to expand and increase the number of staff and also expand its project and make another building there can be a number of useful of transactions that is going on between the school and the other people who are involved in the project. If the hacker can get into the network of the school then it is possible for the hacker not only to gather the information but also to hamper the transaction and get hold of the these large transactions.

Benefits of the Process:

Under the information security, the various policies may be applied for the various purposes for the protection of the data of the school. The various policies such as the artificial intelligence may help in the protection of the important information of the school. The artificial intelligence will be help to predict the threat that is occurring (Reniers and Van Erp 2016). The technology of artificial intelligence can tackle the issues and the threats that are about to occur by the best possible way that is possible. The attack on the network can be handled by the use of the cyber security part of the cloud computing. The use of the IAM role can be made in the cloud computing for the protection of the attack on the network purpose. This will deny the access of the internet to the unauthorized user.

Risk Management Plan:

The proper risk management plan requires the proper analyzing of the task and the identification of the risk before any step is taken for the removal of the risk. The evaluation of the risk is important that is to rank the level of difficulty of the risk. Based on the level of difficulty the action has to be taken urgently or may be done later. The solution of the task has to found. If the level of the risk is high then the solution to the risk has to be found and the risk has to be eliminated (Chan et al. 2016). The use of information security concept can be used to identify the level and the type of risk and to find the technology that may be used to eliminate the risk. After monitoring of the risk then the risk is reviewed and checked if the task has been properly eliminated. The risk analysis in this case would involve the identification of the risks that may be involved with the school.

Cost Benefit Analysis:

The cost benefit analysis is another important tool, which is useful for the analysis of the cost that is required for a particular project (Boardman et al. 2017). The analysis of the cost that is required for the various parts of the project is presented. This will help in the analysis what can be implemented in the future. The cost that will be required for the management of the risks that may occur is also involved in the cost analysis. The profit calculation that is obtained after all the expenditures behind the project is also calculated.


It can be concluded from the above report that YMSC school should bring about the advancement in the technologies that is required for the protection of the confidential information from the access of the unauthorized users. The use of the various technologies under the information security can be made to provide a strong security to the school. The network of the school should be strong enough that no unauthorized user can use the network in order to hamper the transactions of the school. The use of information security should be made in the advanced form so that the hackers cannot hack the software. It is easy to hack an old interface. The cost benefit analysis and a proper Risk Management Plan should be followed to implement the project in a successful manner.


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