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In the very early 1880’s, the capabilities of Europe started to take control of regions in Africa and arranged colonies there. At first, colonization caused the Africans small harm, but eventually, the Europeans began to just take complete control of wherever they went. The Europeans used their advanced knowledge and technology to effortlessly maneuver through the vast African landscape and used higher level weapons to manage the African people and their land. The nations that claimed many land and had the most important effect on Africa were France, England, Belgium, and Germany. There have been many reasons the countries in europe become competing against one another to get colonies in Africa. One of the main reasons had been that the Europeans believed that the more territory a country could control, the greater powerful it might be and also the better it will be seen as by other nations. Other reasons for the desire to get a handle on African land included the many natural resources which could only be within Africa, such as for example diamonds, gold, and as time progressed, rubber. It offered brand new markets in surrounding places making sure that manufactured goods might be sold for a more substantial revenue. The Europeans had numerous motives for imperialism in Africa. The real motives were frequently shielded while they tried tom promote themselves as humanitarians when in reality these were making Africa a terrible spot to live with brutality and harsh remedy for the African natives. The ways of this Europeans had many real and emotional costs for the individuals of Africa. The imperialism process also took a toll on folks of European countries. The European imperialistic colonization in Africa had been motivated by the need to get a grip on the abundant normal resources an...

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… reasons. They desired brand new land and normal resources that will simply be found in Africa, they desired the brand new market opportunities that having colonies in Africa would open in their mind, plus the wanted to stay in competition with other countries in europe. The motives for the Europeans quickly deteriorated because they began exploiting the native Africans and abusing the slave trade which they had guaranteed to abolish with all the three C’s. The African individuals suffered much as many of them were killed, harmed, or forced into slavery the tiniest civil unrest. The Europeans mixed up in imperial dominate lost their humanity as they started initially to treat fellow humans as though these were only cows arranged for slaughter. In their attempts to imperialize Africa, the Europeans became what they hated, feared, and sought out to exterminate, they truly became savages.

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